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Will Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Be Renewed For Another Season?

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Time and again, Netflix surprises its subscribers with some amazing content that leaves a mark. After Stranger Things Season 4 wrapped up, fans started looking for another amazing show that could fill in the gap. Netflix didn’t let the fans down! On August 5, 2022, the American fantasy drama, The Sandman premiered on the streaming platform.

Fans Start An Online Campaign For The Sandman’s Renewal

Based on the 1989-1996 comic book penned by Neil Gaiman, the series has a total of 10 episodes. A two-part bonus episode was also released on August 19, 2022, which was an animated version. The series has been a big success for the makers and now fans are asking for another season.

The Sandman YouTube

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Even after ranking as Netflix’s most streamed series, fans have started worrying about the show’s fate from here on. The makers are yet to announce a renewal of the second installment. As per, it has been more than a month with no news of renewal. Recently, fans started the social media campaign #RenewSandman to voice their support for this dark fantasy series and ask for another season.

One fan wrote, “Netflix do the right thing and #RenewSandman please?”

“#RenewSandman I’m not asking, I’m begging,” pleaded another.

A third wrote, “#RenewSandman cos it isn’t just a cinematic masterpiece, it’s above and beyond everything that has ever been created.”

Writer Neil Gaiman Cautions Fans On Getting Their Hopes Up

While the streaming platform has yet to confirm anything about the future of the series, Gaiman did reassure the viewers about an increasing possibility for it to return. Regardless of his optimism towards an increasing renewal possibility, the acclaimed writer did caution fans of getting their hopes up. Even though the adaptation was a big success, it doesn’t guarantee another season.

The Sandman YouTube

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He explained, “Sandman is a really expensive show. And for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well. So yes, we’ve been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough.”

If Netflix doesn’t renew The Sandman and it ends up getting canceled, it might find another life with a different streaming platform. Gaiman also reassured the viewers that the series might find its way to other streaming platforms like Apple TV, HBO Max, or even Disney+ as a possible alternative.

The Sandman Creative Team Already Working On The Next Chapter

Regardless of whether the series is renewed for another season, The Sandman creative team has already started developing the next chapter of Morpheus’ story.

The Sandman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Talking about the series, executive producer David S. Goyer said, “In some ways, it’s easier because we’ve educated the audience to the basic ideas. We’ve shown how the dreaming life can affect the waking world. With that groundwork done, the show can now build on those themes.”

Are you looking forward to the renewal of The Sandman? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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