Netflix Drops Chilling Trailer Of ‘The Sandman’

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Nick Davis

Netflix hasn’t been doing much in the comic book game since losing their Marvel shows to Disney+. Shows like Daredevil and The Punisher are some of the biggest to ever reach the platform. But the kind of content they focus on has been shifting in recent years. This new adaptation of one of DC’s biggest comics may just change that, however.

The Sandman is a graphic novel originally written by Neil Gaiman, one of the biggest modern horror and fantasy authors. Despite the highly-successful series running from 1989 to 1996, this is the first time it’s ever gotten an adaptation. The trailer is out now, and it looks extremely promising.

The Sandman Is Coming

the sandman netflix logo neil gaiman
The logo for ‘The Sandman’ from the trailer

The trailer looks stunning. It’s clear there was a lot of love put into bringing the mythical fantasy of The Sandman to life. The art of the graphic novel is absolutely beautiful and thought of as some of the best ever done in the medium. So it’s good to see that same level of attention being brought into the adaptation.

It also shows off much of the cast of the show. That includes amazing actors like Gwendoline Christie (of Game Of Thrones fame), David Thewlis (Harry Potter and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas fame), and Tom Sturridge as the lead. The story is about Morpheus, or Dream, the lord of dreams, who sets about rebuilding his kingdom after years of imprisonment. It’s a fascinating blend of horror, fantasy, and mythology that can almost be thought of as a grim fairytale.

It’s one of the most successful graphic novels of all time. It came out on DC’s Vertigo imprint. A publishing imprint meant for the more adult content that DC didn’t want to put on the shelves next to more family-friendly titles like Superman or Wonder Woman. It’s one of the only graphic novels to ever make it on the New York Times Best Seller list. The influence and acclaim of the comic has only grown since the ’90s. There have been attempts at adaptations in the past. But this is the first successful attempt to get one off the ground.

Neil Gaiman’s Big Adaptations

Neil Gaiman is one of the biggest fantasy and horror authors of the modern era. The Sandman is what gave him his initial extreme success. But he’s had plenty of other known works since then. Adaptations of his like Lucifer and American Gods are sure to ring a bell with many. On top of The Sandman, there’s also an adaptation of Anansi Boys coming soon.

The Sandman is releasing on August 5th on Netflix worldwide.

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