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Christine & Meri Brown Call Kody On His Lies

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Christine and Meri Brown are calling their former husband Kody out on his lies. During part one of the Sister Wives tell-all, the two women heard what Kody was saying. Leading into part two, they went on to dispute some of the things he tried to say. Clearly, his first and third wives have very different views of how their relationships went down. Read on for more details.

Christine & Meri Brown Call Kody On His Lies

There were a few parts in the tell-all where Kody tried to say things that his wives countered as lies. The first was when Kody claimed that he tried to reconcile with Meri. At one point when they were in Flagstaff, he admitted that Meri did something really sweet for him. She made him Rice Krispie Treats for each year that they had been married. It made him think that maybe there was a chance, something deep down. However, as much as Meri would like to believe this to be true, she talked about an occurrence that left her shocked.

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She decided that she wanted to pursue Kody as he had been requesting. The cameras were off so she wrapped her arms around him and attempted to kiss him. Unfortunately, he leaned back and away. Therefore, Meri struggles with thinking anything could have gone on to work between the two of them if he refused to kiss her. Christine also had a moment where she disputes something Kody alleged.

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He claims that Christine was not happy when she learned that he wanted to reconcile with Meri. This made her extremely livid. However, Christine says that she would never interfere with their relationship or getting back together. So, these were a few lies that the women caught Kody in, trying to act noble when he was anything but.

Single Ladies

At this point, it does not much matter as both Christine and Meri Brown have split from Kody. Meri is legally divorced from Kody and has been since 2014. However, she stayed in a spiritual union with him until seemingly this year. As for Christine, she was in a spiritual union with Kody from 1994 until 2021. Now, they are divorced. Yet, Meri is still open to reconciling though she believes that is not on the table for him ever again. His second wife, Janelle has also left the family which means that the only wife he is left with is his fourth wife, Robyn.

There is much more to be told in parts two and three of the tell-all. Are you shocked that Kody lied but that Meri and Christine called him out on it? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. They are finally telling what a liar and jerk that Kody really is. It is coming back to bite him and Sobyn in the butt.

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