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Will ‘Wednesday’ Family Expand With New Spinoffs On Netflix?

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Amid the uncertainty of Wednesday’s Season 2 renewal, there is a chance that The Addams Family will have more spinoffs created for Netflix. Although the streamer was booted from the top by Amazon Prime Video, it has managed to give other streamers tough competition. With some amazing titles like Monster, The Watcher, Stranger Things, and more, Netflix has grabbed more subscribers than ever. So, it is highly likely that the streamer would explore the possibilities of new The Addams Family spinoffs following Wednesday’s success. Keep reading to find out what Netflix execs have to say!

Netflix Execs Optimistic About More The Addams Family Spinoffs

With Tim Burton in charge and Jenna Ortega in the lead, Wednesday has been one of Netflix’s most-talked-about shows. Although the show makers were confident of its success, it surprisingly crossed 1 Billion streamed hours making it the streamers’ steamroller. Wednesday’s debut premiered on November 23, 2022, and it hasn’t yet been renewed for a second season.

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

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Yet, fans are positive about its renewal and the streamer might go for a few more The Addams Family spinoffs in the future. So, how likely is another spinoff for the peculiar family? In an interview with Vulture, Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s Head Of Scripted Series (US and Canada), talked about the series’ future. He also teased if the streamer would hold the entire The Addams Family in days to come.

He said, “I wish I could tell you more. I’m optimistic but have nothing to say right now.”

Wednesday Creators Already Have Plans For Three Seasons

Peter further revealed that he would definitely want to explore more given how successful the series has been. Talking about how Wednesday became a huge success, he revealed, “We’re still learning from the success of it and unpacking it. It’s funny-people do talk about the YA audience, but I think that’s probably too simplistic because of the diversity of tastes within that demographic… I don’t know that I can identify one thing. I do feel like it’s firing on all cylinders.”

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

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As per ComicBook, although there is no official news of Wednesday’s renewal, the creatives already have plans for future episodes. Not just one, but three entire seasons to be precise! Wednesday showrunners, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough revealed that they are always ready for the future. They also asserted that when they create a show, they are always hopeful for multiple seasons. “So you always lay out at least three or four seasons’ worth of potential storylines for the characters,” they said.

Why Is Wednesday So Popular?

From Jenna’s weird viral dance to the impeccable casting and of course, Tim Burton, the series’ uniquely frightening Goth style sure has viewers subscribing to Netflix. And yes, fans are hopeful for more The Addams Family spinoffs.

Jenna Ortega YouTube Wednesday

[Source: YouTube]

Are you excited to see more of The Addams Family on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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