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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Slam Players: How Did You Miss That?

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Wheel of Fortune fans slam players. They ask them, “How did you miss that?” Friday’s broadcast of the game show was intense. There was one player who had a lucky streak. Michael impressed some fans with his smarts. However, not all of them were impressed.

Others called the contestants dumb — especially during one round. They were surprised that none of them could guess this classic Italian dish. Fans claimed that it was an “easy” puzzle. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the fan reaction.

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Wheel of Fortune contestants fail to guess “easy” puzzle

The blooper took place during Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune. There were only a few letters left on the board. The category was “Food & Drink” and the contestants couldn’t come up with a classic dish. Yet, the players couldn’t guess the prize puzzle.

Contestant Paul Bellemy guessed the letter “R.” Host Pata Sajak told him there wasn’t an “R” in the puzzle. The next contestant, Michael Brown, who was on a lucky winning streak, guessed “S.” Pat revealed there were two on the board. Michael guessed an “F,” but there wasn’t one in the puzzle.

Food & Drink Category [YouTube]
Hetal Patel correctly guessed “B,” “M,” and “T.” The second word was “meatballs.” Wheel of Fortune fans could easily guess the first part since it started with an “S.” Anyone who looked at the puzzle board quickly could tell that it was “Spaghetti & Meatballs.”

The contestants didn’t have this dish on their minds. Hetal ended up guessing “O,” which made her turn over to the next person. Paul eventually guessed the puzzle right. He won a trip to Sicily, which was the prize puzzle during the round. Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to call out the contestants for not guessing the “easy” puzzle earlier in the game.

  • “Not a very smart crew… How do you miss the last one…??”
  • “How did she not get that?”
  • “Wait for it…”
  • “Instead of solving the puzzle, the woman asked for an ‘O.'”
  • “How do you know Goldie Hawn, but not spaghetti and meatballs?”

Michael Brown loses winning streak

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Michael lost his winning streak later in the show. He made it all the way through to the bonus round. However, he choked up when it came to the easy puzzle. The category was “What are you doing?” Michael guessed the letters “M,” “P,” “C,” and “H,” which filled out most of the puzzle.

Michael still couldn’t come up with the answer. He incorrectly guessed “Applying yourselves.” The correct answer was, “Applying ourselves.” Pat opened up the gold envelope and revealed that Michael lost out on the additional $50,000 he would’ve won during the round.

What are your thoughts on Wheel of Fortune fans slamming the players? Do you agree with them? Or, do you think they did their best? Sound off below in the comment section.

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