Will Henry Cavill Return To ‘The Witcher’ After ‘Superman’ Firing?

Henry Cavill-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6zJ7fJ5fKs

Henry Cavill fans who hoped to see him back as Superman got some shocking news on Wednesday. He will not be returning as the DC Superhero.

However, many of his fans are hoping he will return to The Witcher now that James Gunn has axed him from his superhero role.

Will Henry Cavill return as Geralt of Rivia for The Witcher Season 4?

Will Henry Cavill Return To The Witcher After Superman Firing?

Late on Wednesday, Henry Cavill went to Instagram to announce that he will not be wearing Superman’s cape.

In the shocking statement, the 39-year-old actor revealed that after meeting with James Gunn, he will not be back as Supes.

There is no doubt that the Jersey-born actor was disappointed. However, he was gracious in his concession.

The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect that.

He then wished James Gunn and Peter Safran the best in their next version of the iconic superhero.

James and Peter have a universe to build. I wish them and all involved with the new universe the best of luck, and the happiest of fortunes.

Henry Cavill-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6zJ7fJ5fKs
Henry Cavill-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6zJ7fJ5fKs

Could Henry Cavill return to his Netflix role?

Now that Henry Cavill will not be Superman, could he return to The Witcher?

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Now that Henry Cavill won’t be doing any Superman movies let’s keep him as Geralt of Rivia #TheWitcher.” Thousands of fans wrote similar posts. 

Could Henry Cavill return to his Netflix role?

That doesn’t seem likely. Although Cavill portrayed Geralt for three seasons, six weeks ago, he announced that he was leaving the series. This coincided with the time that Cavill announced that he was “back” as Superman, right after his Black Adam cameo.

Henry Cavill’s Role As Geralt Of Rivia ‘Recast’

Although there was no official reason given why Cavill left the Netflix role, one of the streamer’s top series, many believe he was unhappy that the adapted storyline greatly deviated from the source material. Cavill, who is a huge fan of the book and series, was known to push for using the original text by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

Most of all, making this sort of stand must have hit his wallet pretty hard. He reportedly was making $1 million per episode. That means $8 million per season. That would make sense if he was making DC superhero movies. But, now that he has free time, could Cavill go back to this role and that hefty paycheck?

It does not sound like that is going to happen. Netflix has already found its replacement in Liam Hemsworth.

According to an interview with Variety, Netflix’s head of U.S. and Canada scripted series Peter Friedlander indicated that they are going full speed with Hemsworth. Although this was published before the shocking news that Cavill was axed from Superman, this has been the streamer’s transition plan.

Friedlander was asked, “What was the decision there to not end it with Henry and to instead continue it and recast?”

Henry is an extraordinary Geralt and I think Liam will continue and also be an extraordinary Geralt. There has been a legacy of  amazing, iconic characters where the actors have changed and we’re hugely optimistic about this. We will continue to honor the IP, the fans, the storytelling, all the way through.

Therefore, it does not look as though Netflix is looking for a new Geralt. They found their Geralt in Liam. Those Witcher fans who hope for Cavill’s return to the Netflix series are out of luck.

Although Cavill will have a freed-up schedule, as he is no longer going to play Superman, Netflix has already recast the role.

Henry Cavill fans should expect to see him in Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle on Apple+ sometime in early 2023. He is set to film Guy Ritchie’s new movie The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, in January, in Turkey.


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