‘Black Adam’ Bombs At Box Office, Costing Warner Bros. Millions?

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Did Black Adam bomb at the box office, and if so, did it cost Warner Bros. millions in losses? That is a complicated question to answer, but the movie was not as successful as many people might have hoped. Black Adam might still have a future thanks to the addition of Henry Cavill to the world.

Here is a look at the struggles of Black Adam at the box office and what it means for the DC Extended Universe at Warner Bros.

Did Black Adam bomb at the box office?

Black Adam | YouTube

Black Adam was not a financial success for Warner Bros. That is, at least compared to the MCU where Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has raced past $700 million already in four weeks. In comparison, Black Adam didn’t come anywhere near that level for the DCEU in seven weeks. However, there is more to the story than this.

Variety reported that Black Adam cost Warner Bros. $195 million to produce. There was also an estimated $80 million marketing budget for advertising. This means, the movie needed to make $600 million to break even after theaters take out their money. After seven weeks, Black Adam has made $384 million worldwide and $165 million in the United States.

That means the studio will lose close to $200 million by the time all is said and done. However, there is also the fact that Black Adam will be a big part of the HBO Max lineup, which is something Warner Bros. accounts for. Wonder Woman 1984 was the biggest flop, with a $200 million budget and only $166 million at the box office. However, HBO Max used the movie to sell its service.

Furthermore, the movie did better than The Suicide Squad at the box office, and that movie was seen as a massive success. That movie had a $185 million budget and only made $167 worldwide. Despite that failure, Warner Bros. hired the movie’s director James Gunn to run the studio. Dwayne Johnson also chimed in and said comparing his movie to Black Panther isn’t fair because people know Black Panther, but they are only just now getting to know Black Adam.

Black Adam | YouTube

What does this mean for the future of the DCEU?

Don’t expect Warner Bros. to back off of making more Black Adam movies in the future. However, what this means is that the studio will likely not put as much into the production costs of the next movie. However, if Henry Cavill returns as Superman for the movie, along with Dwayne Johnson, that could cure all ills.

Cavill shocked the world when he showed up during the post-credits of Black Adam. Superman’s first DCEU movie, Man of Steel, cost over $225 million to make and made $667 million. Batman V Superman, despite being a critical failure, still made $872 million worldwide. James Gunn is rethinking and reorganizing the DCEU, and he will likely find a place for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in his world.

Did you go to see Black Adam while it was in theaters? What were your thoughts on the new superhero movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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