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Kody Brown’s Devious Plans For Breanna & Aurora?

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Rumors swirled recently that Kody Brown may be planning to take Aurora and/or Breanna as his next wife. Turns out, however, the TLC father may have a slightly different plan for Robyn Brown’s daughters. Something just as devious. What kind of plan does he have for his adopted daughters? Keep reading.

Fans thought he wanted to wed Aurora and Breanna

Sister Wives fans have been convinced for a period of time the way Kody acts around Aurora and Breanna simply isn’t normal. Fans think Kody gets excited seeing girls who are youthful, mini versions of Robyn. And, fans think something inside of him desires to keep these girls for himself.

Kody Brown - Breanna Brown - Aurora Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Breanna Brown – Aurora Brown – Youtube

In an effort to keep her husband happy, some fans believe Robyn wouldn’t hesitate to allow her daughters to marry Kody. After all, Robyn seems to think he’s a great guy. Not all fans like or even believe this theory. Some fans argue it is crossing an uncomfortable line and shouldn’t be discussed.

Kody Brown might have a more devious plan

Speaking to an advocate of polygamy survivors and victims, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball dug into this fan theory. Turns out, those close to the polygamy lifestyle don’t actually believe Kody would marry his own adoptive daughters. This, however, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other evil plans for them.

Kody Brown - Breanna Brown - Aurora Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Breanna Brown – Aurora Brown – Youtube

Speaking to Without A Crystal Ball, Brenda Nicholson (a polygamy survivor advocate) argues that Kody and Robyn could be grooming their daughters to trade them. Basically, Kody could be serving them up to trade them to another family as a young and fruitful wife in exchange for a wife of his own.

Brenda explained: “I doubt Kody would dare marry Robyn’s daughters himself. Too much public attention. But he could use them for trade.”

Unfortunately, in plural marriage, daughters are often viewed as currency. And, men will swap their daughters for a daughter of another family to get a new wife.

Understandably, fans are just as disgusted to learn of this possible future for Aurora and Breanna.

Do you think Robyn Brown would support Kody using her daughters in this manner? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and fan theories.

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