‘SW:’ Real Reason Aurora & Breanna Are Such Mean Girls?

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Sister Wives fans have virtually no respect for Robyn Brown’s daughters Aurora and Breanna. While fans of this TLC series usually consider the children to be “off limits” when it comes to snarking, an exception was made after the way they treated Janelle’s daughter Savanah. As fans recall, Aurora and Breanna had nothing supportive or even kind to say when they routed the RV Savanah and her mother Janelle were living in.

In a recent thread on Reddit, fans doubled down on their hatred of these two young girls. Fans noted that “judgy” and “b*tchy” were appropriate nicknames for Aurora and Breanna.

Digging deeper, some fans wondered what caused these girls to be such mean girls. It, however, wasn’t long into the conversation before fans agreed on what was the most likely reason.

Robyn's kids/IG
Aurora, Breanna



Sister Wives: Why Aurora and Breanna are such mean girls?

Sister Wives fans believe the real reason behind the attitudes leaking from these two girls is really simple. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Fans believe Robyn Brown likely spends a lot of time complaining about Kody Brown’s wives and children behind closed doors. Likewise, several of Kody’s children have confirmed Robyn Brown is actually more of a monster when the cameras aren’t rolling. So, it only stands to reason that someone who so many people consider to be a “monster” would raise teenage girls who are also monsters.

Aurora Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube
Sister Wives – YouTube

Here’s what fans had to say about it:

  • “They feel privileged because they know their mother is #1.”
  • “The mama Robin bird has spit too much poisoned food down these baby birds throats it’s absolutely f*cking disgusting. She thinks she is playing the innocent card and all that jazz. Those poor kids will turn out just as vile as she is.”
  • “They’re so unbelievably rude. Not only this, but when they saw Janelle’s trailer and the looks on their faces when they went to say goodbye to Christine.”
  • “They get if from their momma.”

They are spitting images of Robyn Brown

Sister Wives fans can’t ignore that Aurora and Breanna look like miniature versions of Robyn Brown. In fact, the similarities actually make fans somewhat uncomfortable as they believe Kody wouldn’t be above grooming them to be his new wives in the future.

Neither Aurora nor Breanna are blood-related to Kody. And, he is already spiritually married to his stepsister. Moreover, fans know Kody Brown likes them young as he tried to court a young lady who was barely legal. Moreover, fans have noted it is extremely common for polygamists to marry within the family.

What do you think of Aurora and Breanna? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all things Sister Wives.

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  1. Ax tlc show sister wives. In USA it’s against the law for polygamy. What has gotten into TLC for having such trashy shows. Please go back originally showing learning programs. Best if everyone start boycotting the channel..

  2. i agree don’t you think there’s enough going on in this world without this trash and many other trash dram fighting shows

  3. I think it would be hilarious if Kody we’re to marry those two girls just so Robyn could get a taste of her own medicine when Kody would treat her like he does his other wives.

  4. I feel sorry for those kids. They have been locked in that house 24/7 during covid. They see how much their mom cares for them (having a nanny) so she can go galavanting with Kody. I’m sure they can’t have friends over. Yes I believe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But Kody and Robin have been feeding those kids a poisoned apple. Telling them lies and bs that are so far from the truth. I bet they do it to prove a point and keep the kids away from the rest of the family who would tell the kids the truth.

  5. I agree with all your apple and tree comments about the girls. HOWEVER Kody legaly adopted them as his daughters. It is a huge reach to say he would marry them and I seriously doubt Robyn would allow that. Janelle is his step sister BUT they became step siblings as adults very shortly before they were married.They never shared a home as siblings.I really hate having to defend them in anyway but your article is just too much exaggeration. There is plenty you can say about them without adding in all of those half truths.

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