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Janelle Brown Hasn’t Completely Left Kody Just Yet?

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Sister Wives fans are here for Janelle Brown and her decision to leave her husband Kody. Fans of the TLC series, however, are getting a bit hung up on some of the details. In the preview clip for the tell-all, Janelle Brown noted that she and Kody were “separated.” When Christine Brown made the decision to leave Kody, she noted that she and Kody were “divorced.”

On multiple social media platforms, Sister Wives fans are getting a bit hung up on the details as they wonder if Janelle hopes to reconcile things with her husband Kody. How does “separated” differ from “divorced?”

Savanah Brown and Janelle Brown from Instagram

Sister Wives fans are baffled by the word “separated”

Now, Sister Wives fans are bowing to Janelle Brown right now and lifting her up as a queen on multiple social media platforms. They, however, aren’t really understanding the word “separated.” Legally, Janelle and Kody Brown are not married. They are only married spiritually. So, there isn’t really any paperwork necessary for them not to be together anymore.

Likewise, fans find the word “separated” to be confusing because Kody and Janelle Brown don’t actually live together. It became apparent that he spent as little time as possible at the RV. And, when she moved into a tiny apartment, he wanted nothing to do with it either.

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from TLC

Sister Wives fans hope that during the tell-all, Janelle Brown will be a lot more open about what being “separated” from Kody really means to her. As, for most people, the word “separated” usually means the couple hasn’t actually split up and could make things work.

How does Janelle Brown switch to divorced?

Now, as fans know, there is supposed to be a process where individuals in a plural marriage go to church and ask for permission to get a divorce. Robyn Brown argued that Christine could not claim she was divorced from Kody until she was intimate with another man because she never went to church and made their divorce official. Not wanting to be in the middle of things between Christine and Kody, Janelle never really expressed her thoughts on the issue. So, fans don’t really know if Janelle will want to get permission to get an official divorce.

Kody Brown - Janelle - Sister Wives - Instagram
Kody Brown – Janelle – Sister Wives – Instagram

Presently, fans just hope these questions will be cleared up during the tell-all. It, however, stands to reason that not all questions would be answered as Janelle’s decision to leave opens a pretty easy door for the next season of the series.

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