Janelle & Kody Brown Split Bombshell To Drop During Tell-All?

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Kody Brown has found himself in a very precarious situation this season. Christine finally decided to leave him — but that’s not where his marriage drama ends. This week, insiders spoke out and confirmed that Janelle actually left Kody too.

Neither TLC nor the family has publically confirmed this. However, Gwendlyn Brown did seem to hint that they split up on her exclusive Patron account. Fans think the Browns are waiting until the big tell-all to confirm the news.

Fans think TLC wants to build excitement around Janelle and Kody Brown’s split

When Christine left the family last year, the Browns made an official announcement on their social media channels. But fans really don’t think that’s going to happen this time around.

“We won’t get an announcement like we did with Christine,” one Redditor said online. “Okay, I don’t think that we will get an announcement publicly until after the tell-all when it comes to Janelle leaving. I think that TLC had Christine and [Kody] announced and they did to drum up buzz for the 16th season but they didn’t need that with season 17 so they didn’t have Janelle announce even though she’s left.”

Janelle Brown and Savanah Brown from Instagram
Janelle & Savanah Brown/Instagram

The user went on to say that the Season 16 tell-all was a little lackluster since everyone already knew Christine left. It really only makes sense for the family to announce Janelle’s departure during the tell-all so people will tune in.

Most other Redditors thought that seemed like a logical move on TLC’s part. However, Janelle is known for being a little more closed-off than her sister wives.

Janelle Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Janelle Brown/TLC

“Honestly I could see us never getting an announcement even if/when she does leave. Janelle is known for shutting down certain topics that she will not discuss,” another Redditor pointed out.

What do you think will ultimately happen? Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Will Janelle and Christine get their own spin-off?

Most Sister Wives fans tune in to see what Janelle and Christine are up to. After 17 seasons, many fans are tired of Kody, Meri, and Robyn. At this point, plenty of viewers think it makes sense for the women to get their own spin-off without Kody Brown.

Some fans said they would like to see the women explore dating after polygamy. Others said they would just enjoy a spin-off about Janelle and Christine enjoying the single life after divorcing Kody. Either way, fans seemed to have plenty of ideas for new shows.

The new episode of Sister Wives will be out tonight at 10 PM eastern time so tune in and see what happens next. The tell-all may be here sooner than fans think, so check back for more news and details. You won’t want to miss out!

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