‘SW’ Fans Beg For Janelle & Christine Brown Dating Spin-Off

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Christine Brown left Kody well over a year ago. But now, it seems like there’s a new development in the Brown household. All year long, fans speculated that Janelle Brown would also leave. She and Christine are incredibly close and they often post their adventures on social media. This week, news outlets started reporting that Janelle officially ended her marriage to Kody as well.

Both Christine and Janelle tend to be fan favorites in the Sister Wives fandom. Many viewers tune in just to keep up with them. But if they’re parting ways with Kody, can Sister Wives even continue?

No matter what happens with the future of the show, fans still want more content with Janelle and Christine Brown. Is it possible TLC would give them their own show?

SW fans want to see what Janelle and Christine Brown are doing post-divorce

Janelle and Christine Brown lived under some pretty strict rules while they were married to Kody Brown. Now that they’re out on their own, fans would love to see the women exploring their newfound freedom. The women have shared glimpses into their new lives on social media. But fans would love to see TLC put out a spin-off show too.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from Instagram
Christine & Janelle Brown/Instagram

“I would watch Christine & Janelle on dating show spinoff like The Single Life,” one Redditor suggested online this week.

Some other users thought it would be fun to see the two women explore love and dating. However, most suggested that a better spin-off would focus on Christine and Janelle exploring lives as single women.

“How about a show that just follows their lives and they can call it Sister Friends?” one Redditor added. “God, you know if they got a spinoff, Robyn, Kody & Meri would be furious and so jealous when TLC pulls the plug on the Robyn & Kody Show. I’m here for that!”

In the end, everyone agreed that a Sister Wives spin-off would enrage Kody Brown. And that’s something most fans would love to see.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

What do you think a Sister Wives spin-off starring Janelle and Christine Brown would look like? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Kody’s adult children don’t seem interested in polygamy

Kody Brown has 18 children between Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. But even so, it doesn’t appear that they’re interested in polygamy whatsoever.

Logan, Maddie, Aspyn, and Mykelti are married and have monogamous marriages. Gwendlyn and Leon are both engaged to their long-term partners, but they don’t seem interested in polygamy either.

Many Sister Wives fans believe that if any of the kids become polygamists, it will be Robyn’s kids. But for now, fans will have to stay tuned and see what happens next.

Stay tuned for the latest news and gossip about Sister Wives! You won’t want to miss a single story.

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  1. YES! our SW watch party are begging for Janelle and Christine spinoff!!! Meri needs to wake up and smell the coffee, she defends a man that can’t stand her and trash talks her, tells her to go away. Team Janelle and Christine!❤️

  2. poor poor Robin and Kody… Maybe if you had incorporated you religion in your day to day life you wouldn’t feel and look like so ignorant. Why does Kody think his shit doesn’t stink…or why is cry baby Robins feelings sooo much more important than the father of her 3 children.

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