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Are Any Of Kody Brown’s Children Destined For Polygamy?

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As the patriarch in a polygamous household, Kody Brown has many children. In fact, he has 18 of them between his four wives. When Sister Wives first premiered, the oldest kids were teenagers. Now, most of the kids are adults and a few even have families of their own.

In the early days of Sister Wives, Kody said he hoped that his kids would go on to choose the polygamous lifestyle. After all, it was a core part of their faith. But will any of the kids actually choose that lifestyle for themselves?

Most of Kody Brown’s children seem disinterested in polygamy

As the father of 18 children, Kody Brown really wished that some of them would choose to follow his faith and lifestyle. When Sister Wives first aired on TLC, the Browns tried to present polygamous families in a positive light. But over the course of 17 seasons, that facade quickly broke down. Christine is out of the picture and it appears that Janelle is officially gone too.

So will any of his kids choose his lifestyle after all the chaos and drama?

Janelle Brown and her children, from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

As of late 2022, Logan, Aspyn, Maddie, and Mykelti are the only married children. Gwendlyn and Leon are both engaged to their long-term partners. All of them appear to be in monogamous relationships. But what about the rest of the kids?

“Will any of the children be in polygamous marriages?” one Redditor wondered on the platform this week. “With all that they have seen growing up, do you predict any of the adult children to be in polygamous marriages or relationships?”

“Christine said in her recent interview that none of her children nor Janelle’s children want a polygamous marriage,” another Redditor replied. This would certainly make sense, seeing as both Christine and Janelle have reportedly left the family.

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Other Sister Wives viewers thought if anyone would pursue polygamy, it would be Robyn’s children. Kody maintains close relationships with all five of her kids and likely has a lot of influence over them.

“I remember during the episode on Sol’s first birthday, the ‘wish’ Robyn wrote down for him was to have him find and marry his true ‘loves,'” another user chimed in. “So she will definitely be pushing that on him and the three other girls fo’ sho.”

Do you think any of Kody’s kids will practice polygamy? Share your ideas in the comments.

A source confirms Janelle is officially out of the picture too

Since Season 17 began, many Sister Wives viewers speculated that Janelle would soon leave the family too. Onscreen, Kody verbally berates Janelle and puts her down. Why would she want to stick around?

TLC has already started filming Season 18. Many fans believe that next year’s season will follow the family amid Janelle’s departure. Who knows? A spin-off with Janelle and Christine may be in the cards.

Stay tuned for more information on Kody Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast.

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