‘Sister Wives’: 3 Part Tell-All Confirmed By Meri Brown

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Meri Brown has confirmed that the Sister Wives tell-all will have three parts. This is exactly what fans have been wanting to know as there are a lot of questions from Season 17. So, how did Kody’s first wife share this important information? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Confirms Sister Wives Tell-All Will Be 3 Parts

The longer the tell-all, the more questions are asked and answered. Meri revealed that this season will, once again, have three parts. She shared this info on her Instagram live so fans watching were privy to it firsthand. It then made its rounds on Reddit and fans went crazy via a thread over this news. The Reddit thread started out like this: “Meri confirmed (on her Instagram live tonight) that there will be a three part TELL ALL at the end of the season.”

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Of course, fans had certain stipulations as to what they would want for the tell-all. “I’d love for a tell all to include video footage of previous seasons that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt all the lying and gaslighting Robyn and koty have done, then follow up with… can you explain this?” one person noted. Another added: “I want to see Kody and Robyn face the kids this time. Have them all in the room together and let’s open this can of worms and clear the air once and for all.” There is a lot that fans want to see Kody and Robyn be held accountable for, finally.

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As for who fans want to host this event, that has been a long-discussed topic. Previously, fans suggested that they play host as they believed that they could ask true hard-hitting questions. Others want Tamron Hall back but some mentioned having a man as the host. “I hope they got a man to interview them. Kody likes to act in a threatening manner to others. The interviewer needs to say things like, ‘Oh, you don’t want to talk about it because it’s a personal matter? Then why were the cameras focused upon you and your family for the past twelve years?'”

A Lot To Unpack

This season is going to be a lot to unpack for a multitude of reasons. Though Meri Brown did not share whether or not the tell-all had been filmed yet, a lot has happened. Obviously, Christine moved to Utah, but her divorce was discussed at the previous tell-all. Yet, what Kody said and did while she was preparing to leave needs to be addressed. Also, how he told Meri to stay at her B&B indefinitely is a big issue. More so, her unwavering loyalty to the family is in question.

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Then, there is Kody’s constant need for his wives to be like Robyn, Covid preferential treatment for certain wives, and finally, Janelle. It is now circulating that she has left Kody officially. So will that be discussed? Anything should be fair game but will it be? That is anybody’s guess. What do you think will happen on the three-part tell-all? More so, are you excited that it is three parts?

Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. So since it’s 3 parts, I’m assuming it’s not live. No fun! I say put them together live everyday and then seguester afterwards in separate hotel rooms so they can stew between sessions.

  2. He wants just Robyn and her family, everyone else is background.
    Her daughter are next, and he is getting rid of his other wives one by one.
    He is a nut case, I am going to stop watching because he just is not fair to everyone.
    He makes me sick!

    1. I don’t understand why so many hate Kody. I watch it every week, and I feel they’re all a bit crazy at times. It sure would drive me crazy 😜. I just try and understand every person’s situation. BUT….I have learned over years, NO ONE knows what goes on in a marriage. Oh geez people. Stop being so mean🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. Who in the hell cares about three parts, just do something about dumb ass Kotex. I do not talk bad about someone like him, but he he is beyond nice, a good father or anything else resembling a man. He does deserve anything good coming his way. And as for Sobyn, she has her head so far up his ass and full of shit. She doesn’t derserve to have all the other kids care about her and rude bunch. Just venting today and for a change it felt good

    1. They could cut it down to being a 2 part show if we don’t let Sobbyn Robyn cry for 30 minutes that Christine won’t stay and try to work things out.Work things out with a man who said he doesn’t love her, hasn’t had sex with her in years and doesn’t really even like her, yet Sobyn thinks Christine should stay.

      Meri, who is in the same unloved boat as Christine has been offered her walking papers by Kody but is too pathetic to accept them and move on no matter how much Kody says he isnt interested in her anymore. He’s losing his mind now that Christine had the nerve to leave him instead of him dismissing her like he did Meri. Still, Sobyn Robyn I’m sure, thinks Meri should stick around and continue to be the pathetic doormat some more.

      Janelle is now being accused of not being loyal? Are you kidding me? She’s the smartest most realistic of all of them except for putting up with Kody as long as she has. Good for her for choosing the kids first. Kody is just obsessed with being seen as the head of the family? What family? They are moving away in droves and none of them are choosing polygamy. That tells ya they didn’t like what they grew up in.

      1. I’m in complete agreement. Kody is abusive. His need for power and control of his family is disturbing. This entire bunch would do well to run to the nearest exit. I am certain Janelle and her kids will have a more enriching life out from under Kody, the man child , selfish, narcissistic thumb. Uncle already.

  4. There needs to be a tougher host to not pussy-foot around the questions and answers and make Koty and Robin accountable for their actions.

  5. TLC needs to move on from Cody. I wouldn’t mind seeing Janelle and Christine move on a show or two . So glad they saw the light.!

    1. Yes. Janelle and Christine can do well without Kody complicating their lives. Janelle and Christine are very capable women and their lives will be more stable without Kody’s demanding and continual running the gamut of poor decisions from one end to the other.

  6. Notice how Kody says Christine’s kids or Janelle’s kids never our kids. He’s so full of him self. Mary is just a floor mat, so dumb. Robyn is a pretender, in other words a back stabber!! Ladies u made a very smart decision on leaving the idiot.

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