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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Attack Meri Brown In Droves

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Sister Wives fans attacked Meri Brown in droves. The TLC personality wants to be all about positivity these days. When she’s on the show, it’s a different story. Throughout the years, Meri always had fans riled up about something. Find out why they attacked her on social media once again.

Meri Brown is a vibe

On Tuesday, November 29, Meri Brown posted a new photo on Instagram. The reality star wants to be a vibe while she thrives in her personal and professional life. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Meri posted a selfie of herself wearing a bright yellow hoodie. The television personality rested her hand on her chin as she smiled directly at the camera.

Despite the drama between Kody Brown and his sister wives this season, Meri wants to make it clear that she’s moved on. She’s all about positivity these days. Meri wrote in the caption: “Just over here Vibin’ & Thrivin’. 😁 That is all.”

Meri Brown [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
She also included the hashtags “Living My Why,” “Because I Can,” “I Love What I Do,” and “Love Who I Am.” Either Meri is talking about the criticism over her behavior on the show, especially her treatment of Christine. Or, she’s addressing the criticism over her desire to sell LulaRoe.

It’s unclear what her caption was about. Interestingly enough, that same photo and caption didn’t go over well with Meri Brown’s fans. They took to the comment section in droves to talk about Season 17 of Sister Wives. This one is a different one since it’s about Christine leaving the family and moving to Utah with the kids she shares with Kody.

Meri isn’t supportive of Christine’s decision. She thinks she’s being a bad sister wife. She also wasn’t there for Christine’s goodbye to the family. However, fans think Meri is the one who’s been the poor sport about this.

Meri Brown Wears Bright Yellow Hoodie [Meri Brown | Instagram]
[Meri Brown | Instagram]

Sister Wives star gets major backlash

Sister Wives fans came out of the woodwork to slam Meri Brown. They’re telling her to “wake up” and see that Kody is only staying with her because of the money she makes. He plans on sharing with Robyn. Others wish that she would just move on as Christine did. Here are just some of the many comments in her latest Instagram post:

  • Wake up Meri ! Robyn is taking the money and Land. You will have nothing. She is not your friend! Kody is taking mostly everything. Get a good lawyer!
  • “Until you leave Kody, you will not be thriving.”
  • “You are so valuable Meri – don’t let Kody steal from you, you’ve earned your money yourself.”
  • “The only reason why he’s with you is your money and you know that!”

Others trolled Meri. They informed her that she was now stuck with Kody since she helped pay for Robyn’s home. This was something that she bragged about doing. Fans think she’s paying to stay in the family.

What are your thoughts on Sister Wives fans attacking Meri Brown in droves? Do you agree with them? Or, do you think they’re ruining her vibes? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think, Meri Brown charged such outrageous prices for that bnb retreat, just to raise money to help Kody and Robyn Brown. Robyn needs that property paid off for herself and her family. It’s actually the way people get pimped out without realizing it.

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