Who ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Want As Tell-All Hosts This Season

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The Sister Wives tell-all is one of the most anticipated events all season. It is when Kody and his wives must face all of the truths and lies from the previous year. Plus, it is usually filmed closer to the air date so a lot more has transpired since what has occurred during the season. However, fans are very picky as to who hosts these tell-alls. They want someone who will go hard on Kody. At times, viewers feel the hosts let Kody off way too easily. After how poorly he behaved in the first few episodes of Season 17, the fans have spoken out. They have taken to Reddit and shared who they would like to host the tell-all. Read on for more details.

The Ideal Sister Wives Tell-All Host

Last season was a very intense tell-all. It was right after the Season 16 finale when Christine put Kody’s belongings in the garage. He had told her he no longer wanted an intimate marriage so she chose to end it. Prior to the season beginning, Christine and Kody had put out statements saying they were splitting up. Therefore, fans were desperate to see what happened after the finale. Sukanya Krishnan took over tell-all duties for the first time and was met with mixed reactions. Kody was utterly disrespectful to the host.

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So, who do the fans want to take on Kody? According to Reddit, Redditors would like themselves. “PLEASE READ THIS TLC….Please consider a few seasoned fans/posters from this site as guest hosts. It would be the best tell all EVER! I would watch that and support it all day! Kody would implode from all the truth serum. Lol,” the thread started. Another person immediately volunteered themselves as “tribute.” Yes, it would be fun to have real-life viewers to host.

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However, one fan chimed in with why it would never work out. “Never gonna happen. There are certain things TLC doesn’t want discussed. Kody‘s gun business, TLC payments and contract specifics, TLC’s contrived storylines, the MLMs and NDAs just to name a few.” So, with all of that logic, it seems like they are just going to keep the job to the professionals.

Past Hosts

So far, the Sister Wives tell-all hosts have ranged. Aside from Krishan, they have had Tamron Hall, who viewers have actually demanded back. She was able to go after both Kody and Robyn, which fans much appreciated. Aside from her, there were SuChin Pak and Natalie Morales. As to who will want to take on the Season 17 challenge, that is anybody’s guess. This will not only include Kody but, as the final Redditor noted, some shady MLMs.

Who would you like to see host the Sister Wives tell-all? Let us know in the comments and watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I would do it in a heartbeat….but I’d also like to see the pastor from married at first sight. He can b gentle and he can get real when necessary!!

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