‘Sister Wives’ Fans Bow Before Queen Janelle Brown

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Fans of Sister Wives are bowing to Janelle Brown after the dramatic Season Finale that aired last night. Fortunately, this Season Finale wasn’t the last new episode as a 3-Part Tell-All has also been promised to fans. As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans are looking forward to the Tell-All. But, they don’t have very high hopes as the same host is returning.

Sister Wives fans praise ‘queen’ Janelle Brown

Fans of Sister Wives were whistling and cheering when TLC showed a teaser preview of the 3-Part Tell-All. The teaser featured Janelle Brown confirming that she and Kody were no longer together. “Separated” was the word Janelle used to describe her current relationship with Kody. Now, this news didn’t really come as a shock to fans as rumors had been swirling for months that Janelle’s Instagram screamed that of a single lady. Likewise, fans believed Janelle was just spending way too much time with Christine for her to still be in a relationship with Kody.

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While fans weren’t really surprised, there were excited for Janelle Brown. The last few episodes of Sister Wives had been painfully difficult to watch as Kody Brown treated his beautiful wife terribly. Fans cringed as they knew Janelle had always been Kody’s ride-or-die. Janelle was the only wife to fully support the one-house idea. And, Kody still didn’t hesitate to crap all over her.

“The smile you make while announcing you left Kody ass. YES QUEEN JANELLE!” One excited Sister Wives fan penned in a thread on Reddit that has been upvoted over 200 times in a few hours. Other fans were pretty quick to join in the celebration:

  • “That’s the look of a woman who cleaned out her closet, her attic, and her basement and gave that sh*t to charity.”
  • “Janelle looks 10 years younger. Turns out Kody is one of the worst causes of aging amongst women. He should come with a warning label.”
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Is another season of Sister Wives guaranteed?

With the confirmation of Janelle leaving Kody, Sister Wives fans assume this means another season of the series is guaranteed. Fans make this assumption because the next season could focus on Janelle announcing her decision to leave the family too and how everyone handled it. Was her exit as explosive as Christine’s? Fans hope they get to find out.

Did you applaud when Janelle Brown beamed with joy by confirming she was no longer with Kody and hadn’t been with him for months? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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  1. Janelle I am so proud of you for not allowing yourself to be pulled into the muck. If you do decide to make this permanent seek an attorney. Kody has legally and shown the world he considers you a wife, and you are entitled to the family assets. They can even hire a forensic account to see if there’s money hiding. And do NOT feel bad if that means Robyn and Kody have to sell or refinance their house and property, they had zero issue with you living in a fifth wheel in winter. They had no issue being extremely cruel to your sons. You do what you have to do for YOU. And pass that advice to Christine.

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