No Ring? Dylan Barbour Taunts Media

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, YouTube

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin got engaged three years ago, and today Dylan shared a video of her not wearing her engagement ring. The two met on Bachelor in Paradise and quickly became fan favorites with their cute relationship.

They’ve been planning their wedding over the past few months. As we reported, Hannah already says she feels married to Dylan. They both want to have children but they disagree about what gender would be best.

Dylan Barbour Shared A Ringless Hannah

On his Instagram, Dylan Barbour shared himself holding Hannah’s hand and displaying there wasn’t a ring on it. He captioned it, “@hannahgII spotted not wearing engagement ring. Trouble in paradise?” He tagged People, TMZ, Vogue, E-News, and for some reason, Netflix.

Dylan Barbour, Instagram
Dylan Barbour, Instagram

Dylan is clearly just trolling the media. He and Hannah are happy and still going strong, but it is funny he’s getting ahead of the rumors. In a recent TikTok, they used the strange voice filter and talked about what gave them the “icks,” about each other. Hannah had them wrote on a piece of paper and Dylan had his phone. Dylan told her he wasn’t sure what an ick was, but he thought one was when she got a spray tan and got into his car getting the tan on his white seats.

She told him it was an ick when they cooked food but he couldn’t wait to eat it all together. If the meat is done first, he will eat that and eat the potatoes later. He said he hates when she cooks and leaves the used spatula on the counter. He also said he hates when she takes his charger and pretends it’s hers. Demi Burnett commented that she’d done the same to her.

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, TikTok
Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, TikTok

Hannah also made Dylan share the palm tree tattoo on his leg. She said it used to give her an ick, but now she likes it. She said on the post that the exercise was good, “couple’s therapy.” One fan said, “this is the healthiest version of this trend I’ve seen, so good.”

Hannah Shared A Video Herself

Meanwhile, Hannah Godwin shared a video of her hand on TikTok. She said when it gets below sixty degrees her fingers turn light. It’s because there isn’t enough blood getting to her fingers. She turned her hand over and showed off her one very light finger and her white manicure.

Hannah Godwin, TikTok
Hannah Godwin, TikTok

A follower said they have the same problem and it’s because of Raynaud’s Syndrome. One commented, “me too girl! Get it on both my fingers and toes.” At least, that explains why she isn’t wearing her ring, and Dylan Barbour is just being silly. What do you think about Dylan’s trolling? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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