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Hannah Godwin And Dylan Barbour Of ‘BIP’ On Others Finding Love During Quarantine

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As some couples are finding out, being inside all the time with your significant other can be difficult. While quarantine has been able to bring some couples closer together, others find themselves social distancing within their own houses. Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin are a couple that has gotten closer. The two said what they’ve been doing is, “balancing fitness, TikTok, being weird and wine.”

The Bachelor in Paradise couple said they want to focus on fitness. Dylan said, “Everyday, we wake up and say we have to come out of this with at least abs or something.” Hannah said to start with they wanted to be lazy and it turned into wanting to get fit. She said they decided a few weeks in, “why don’t we reverse things and get in shape and take this chance to focus a little bit more on fitness.”

How Is Dylan Barbour And Hannah’s Working Out Going?

The two are teaming up with Viizer, and four fitness studios to workout live on Instagram. This is their chance, if fans want to work out with reality stars. Dylan Barbour said, “it’s every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. We’re doing an Instagram Live workout at the same time with the same studio for a month.” According to E Online, they’ll be doing workouts four days a week.

Their other quarantine activities include Hannah working on her YouTube channel while Dylan tries to set his mom up on a social distance date. Using Zoom, he’s been trying to hook her up. He said, “my mom’s my best friend so we’ve always had each other’s backs. It could be a fun journey and who knows, maybe she will get engaged after 27 days like I did?”

Hannah Godwin Thinks You Can Find Love In Quarantine

With Dylan Barbour trying to set his mom up, Hannah said she definitely thinks it is possible to find love during this time. She said, “I think people can totally find love during quarantine. It’s kind of like when we went to Paradise.”

The two have also been planning their wedding in quarantine. They know the guest list is going to include around four hundred people. They managed to find a wedding planner while being at home. Hannah said, “it’s been fun to talk about. It’s been fun exploring and some of these venues are booked for two-three years especially with all the push backs.”

She says they do not currently have a date set for the big day. The two have been raising money for COVID-19 hardships and giving food to families who need it. They continue to post to social media and Tik Tok so fans can continue to follow their love story, and now, work out with them.

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