Demi Burnett Finds Something Unexpected In Her Footstool

The sometimes controversial Demi Burnett of the Bachelor franchise shares lots of things with her fans. She’s recently gotten more into doing this through the social media platform TikTok. Demi has been on the scene since Colton Underwood’s season. She also starred in two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise.

In a new TikTok video that went from weird to weirder, Demi showed viewers something she found in her house. It all started because her cat peed on her footstool, which Demi called a pouf. After she went off camera and came back with the brown footstool to show what was in it, Katie Thurston commented on the post. She said, “This was not was I was expecting,”

Demi looked perplexed at the beginning of the video. She wore large silver headphones and a cropped top with two middle fingers. You can see the full video here.

What Did Demi Burnett Find In The Footstool?

Demi Burnett revealed just because her cat peed on the stool she wasn’t going to get rid of it. She paid two hundred and fifty dollars for it. She told people watching the video they wouldn’t believe what she found in the stool.

Demi, Burnett, TikTok
Demi, Burnett, TikTok

Burnett unzips the stool and starts pulling out children’s shirts. She looks incredulous as she pulls out duplicates. They’re all black and long-sleeved but different sizes. She then pulled out the same shirt in different colors that appears to be a fundraiser. A cancer shirt for someone and it says Team Scott. Then Demi says, “is Scott still with us?” She asks as she pulls out shirt after shirt, “Is this normal? Do people do this?” Her voice then goes up several octaves as she says, “This is a lot of shirts.”

Fans Responded With Their Theories

Demi Burnett got a lot of responses to her post, letting her know what they think happened. One fan said, “I feel like it’s a good thing that they were trying to recycle the shirts but I’m shocked they didn’t sew them into an inner bag to disguise it.” Another said I immediately ran to my pouf (looks the same)…  but mine is normal pillow fluffies.”

Demi, Burnett, TikTok
Demi, Burnett, TikTok

Several fans said it was a normal way to stuff those types of things. They compared it to a bean bag for kids you fill with stuffed animals. They think the store used shirts that had been donated or were going to be thrifted. One fan commented, “We love a sustainable queen.”

What do you think about Demi’s strange discovery? Have you ever found something strange in your furniture? Is it really a common thing to stuff poufs with clothes? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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