Christine Brown Says Two Dates With A Man Is All They Get, Why?

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives is busy enjoying dipping her toes in the dating pool. She, however, admits that she isn’t ready to get into anything too serious. Presently, she has some strong rules in place as she explores the dating scene to keep herself from complicating her life with a serious lover.

What are Christine Brown’s rules for dating?

After being married for a very long time, Christine Brown doesn’t want to limit herself to one man. She wants to explore the town and see what’s out there. The TLC personality sat down with TODAY to discuss her dating life. She admitted she only really has one strong rule right now. But, the rule is keeping her from getting into a scary situation with someone that quickly becomes too serious.

For the time being, she is completely open to going out on a date with a guy. If the date goes well and they have a good time, Christine admits she’ll enjoy a second night with the man. She, however, has placed a hard stop on going on third dates with anyone at this point in time.

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For now, she’s put a hard limit on only enjoying one or two good nights with the same guy. She believes this is going to prevent her from falling into something too serious.

She continued to explain: “I might do two dates with one guy. And two dates is kind of where we’re ending it right now. But I’ll do one date for sure. And then if we like each other, we’ll go out again. Then after that, it gets scary. It’s super, super scary.”

I don’t want anything serious. I just want to have fun. I like my life too much to mess with any kind of a serious relationship. My life is wonderful, my routines are wonderful, I love it.”

Her daughter Truely isn’t ready for anything serious either

During a separate interview, Christine Brown revealed that she had discussed dating with her daughter Truely. Truely admitted to her mother that she enjoys their life how it currently is. And, she isn’t too keen on seeing her mother dating someone.

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So, it doesn’t sound like Christine would be able to be in a serious relationship until her daughter opens up to the idea. This is probably one of the reasons why Christine is cutting herself off after two dates. So, she doesn’t go against her daughter’s wishes.

What are your thoughts on Christine’s dating rules? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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