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Truely Brown Says No To Mom Dating, Christine Sad?

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Truely Brown has busted her mother’s bubble on dating after leaving her father Kody. And, Christine doesn’t appear to be too happy with facing that reality. Christine Brown took part in a tell-all interview with People Magazine recently. In the interview, she spilled all the dirty details about what she wants in a lover and her future dating plans. Still having a child under the age of 18, fans wonder what Truely thinks about mommy dating someone new.

Christine and Truely Brown via YouTube

Truely Brown says no to mommy dating, leaves Christine sad?

Christine Brown says it was important for her to sit down with Truely and discuss dating. She needed to know how Truely felt about her mother being with someone else after leaving Kody. Christine made it clear during the interview she was very open to dating. It, however, would always come down to what was best for her family in the moment. Truely Brown shut down her mother’s thoughts on dating.

According to Christine, Truely Brown told her mother that she really liked the way their life currently looked. Truely loved Christine being single and enjoyed all of the time she was getting to spend with her. So, for now, Truely has put her foot down on Christine dating.

Christine Brown seemed a bit bummed, but she was the kind of woman who would always put her children first. Facing the reality that Truely Brown just wasn’t ready for her mother to date, Christine said she would just let “fate” take control. She believed when the time was right, she would know. For now, she would just continue to enjoy the easy and fun life she discovered she could have after leaving Kody.

Christine Brown Bonds With Truely [Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]

Will she date one day?

Turning 12 back in April, Truely Brown will remain under Christine’s roof for six more years. So, unless Truely comes around to the idea of dating, Christine will be pushing 60 by the time she’s “allowed” to find that special someone. Sister Wives fans are a bit torn on Truely’s reasoning. Some wonder if she doesn’t want to see her mother with anyone other than Kody. Others, however, speculate Truely could also just be enjoying having her mother to herself and not having to share her with anyone.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown and Truely
Sister Wives star Christine Brown and Truely [Image @christine_brownsw/Instagram]
Are you surprised Truely Brown didn’t want Christine to date? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. the child is selfish and too young to realize she is. christine needs to be kind but firm and tell her daughter she does not want to be alone when the child grows up.

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