Tammy Slaton Hospitalized Not Breathing As Body Shuts Down

Tammy Slaton - Youtube

In a shocking new video for Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, fans watch as Tammy Slaton is rushed to the hospital. Voices of her family being heard in the background reveal that Tammy has stopped breathing and that her body is shutting down. Is this the end of Tammy Slaton?

Fortunately, those who follow the family on social media know there is a massive time gap between reality and the newest season of the TLC series. For starters, Amy Halterman and Michael announce they are pregnant with baby #2. In reality, they actually gave birth to that baby back in July of this year.

So, Tammy Slaton being rushed to the hospital as her body shuts down and she stops breathing is something that also happened a while back. In the comments on the videos, fans note that anyone interested can head over to her TikTok for confirmation that she made it through this medical emergency.

This hospitalization: Tammy Slaton’s turning point

Now, this particular hospitalization was a real turning point for Tammy Slaton. She did almost die. But, she didn’t. It, however, was the eye-opener Tammy needed that if she didn’t make changes now she would not live for much longer.

After surviving and getting out of the hospital, Tammy Slaton made the immediate decision to head to rehab to lose weight and get help with her food addiction.

Tammy slaton youtube
Tammy slaton youtube

Interestingly enough, this rehab facility is actually where Tammy Slaton met her husband who she recently got married to (in reality). Fans have mixed feelings about the marriage. But, they are happy she is finally with someone who doesn’t fetishize her weight. Fans, however, worry it will be easier for Tammy to fall off the wagon with her diet being married to someone who struggles with the same issues.

As TvShowsAce recently reported, the love birds actually got married at the rehab facility where they met. They had a small ceremony. Despite being some distance away, many of Tammy’s family members made the journey to be a part of the ceremony.

Does she still have a trach?

Despite losing a significant amount, getting weight loss surgery, and getting married, her recent Instagram activity does confirm she still has a trach. Here is a screenshot from a video she uploaded to her account just a few days ago:

Tammy Slaton - TikTok
Tammy Slaton – TikTok

While fans are bummed to see she still has a trach, they are happy to see the weight loss on her face. Looking at recent videos and photos, the mass of fat on her forehead is nearly gone which has resulted in her eyes opening up significantly.

Are you looking forward to the new season of 1000-Lb. Sisters?

Allie Johnson


    1. don’t judge until you have been in her shoes! as a plus size woman I can attest to how difficult it is to lose weight

  1. Tammy, you can live life to your fullest!
    my family loves u witout knowing you personally we want all good things for just lose enough weight that makes u comfortable.

  2. It’s not all about eating. It’s about depression & anxiety & your life experiences. Don’t stand in judgement until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes. Hoping for a healthier & happier life with easier days as she goes forward.

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