‘SW’: Kody Brown Demands Other Wives Play Nice With Robyn

Kody, Robyn, and Janelle on Sister Wives | YouTube

Kody Brown wants all of his wives to all play nice with Robyn. He even has a bad habit on the show of saying the wrong thing. This week’s episode had him pushing Janelle even further away with his words.

Here is what Kody said to Janelle Brown about Robyn in this week’s Sister Wives.

Kody Brown wants his wives to respect Robyn’s role

The episode saw Kody Brown sitting down and talking to Janelle about how everyone treats Robyn. According to Kody, Robyn came into the family and was nice to everyone. However, he said that no one treated her the same and that many owe her a big apology. However, Kody then proved what this was all about.

Kody Brown | YouTube

The father of eighteen said that Robyn is the only wife who is completely loyal to him and accepts him as the head of the household. That has been the running theme this season. Kody earlier ordered all his wives to pledge their support to patriarchy. From the sound of it, Robyn was the only wife who was 100% on board with pledging her unwavering loyalty to Kody as the leader of the family.

For her part, Robyn said she did not know that Kody was going to Janelle. Kody demanded that her boys apologize for not being nice to his fourth wife. However, when Janelle asked if Kody would defend her if they switched their roles, he refused to admit to it. Instead, he said they haven’t acted like a married couple in a long time, and she just went off on her own.

Janelle was tired of the entire discussion. She said Kody has been harping on this for too long and it was getting old.

Reddit loves to hate Kody Brown


Someone posted a clip of this on Reddit, and it allowed everyone to start dog-piling Kody Brown again. In the thread’s title, the OP wrote, “Kody deserves a throat punch.” This led to people discussing how poorly Kody has treated Janelle over the years, with things getting worse recently.

Janelle Brown | YouTube

One person mentioned Kody abandoned her and left her alone. This doesn’t give him the right to say she lives “like a single woman” since that is all his fault. As they said, this was Kody doing what he does best – gaslighting one of his wives.

Another commenter said it has been clear all season that three of his wives have no use for him anymore. With him no longer necessary for their happiness, he is losing his power. That makes arguments like this lose a lot of steam, especially when Janelle, Meri, and Christine mostly just roll their eyes at him.

How much more do you think the other wives will take before they all leave Kody Brown alone with Robyn? Has he finally crossed that line? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Kody is all about control and power. This is clearly emotional abuse. These women and children have been living with abuse. Kody needs to get counseling before he further escalates out of control and ramps up his abuse. Janelle needs to stand her ground. Once, the abuser starts telling you that you cannot see certain friends, they are tightening their grip around your neck. Get help and get out. Kody has crossed yet another line. Janelle has a good head on her shoulders. I feel she knows when someone is crossing boundaries and I hope her great gift of logic will help her make the right choices to protect herself and her children.

  2. Ok here it is since Robyn has joined the family Kody has spent less time with the other wives. So, I don’t understand why Janelle would stay and forget Meri ! Kody has told her straight out he has NO interest in a relationship with her so WTH is he asking her to back him with his wife issues ? And why is Meri staying in this so called family ? No matter if she loves him he isn’t interested she needs to move on ! She deserves someone who cares about her not him, his only concern is Robyn and her kids .Kody uses every excuse in the book to stay with Robyn. He needs to give Janelle back her money she put towards Robyn’s house and Janelle should move on.

    1. is there not anything more important in the world than this cast of pedophiles? You can’t even look at anything without this popping up front and center and it does not deserve the attention it gets. Kody Brown is sickening and his wife Robyn is also.

  3. All the wife’s have give to Robin give to Robin their money from the sale of their homes or their businesses in someway or another just what has Robin given up for any of them? Her foney tears when she don’t get her way she goes to Kody and on this one or that one Was mean to me. They are in a bind now cause they had to move cause of her son going to school there they all had to pick up and move when they didn’t want too. Me personal I’d tell them both give me my money back or I’d take them to court. Them I would tell them both buy. I still think there is something going on with Kody and Robin’s girls, that’s why she don’t want any one in her house. It’s not normal for a father to kiss his kids the way he kissed the girls at all.

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