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Janelle Brown ‘Frustrated’ By Kody’s Trophy Wife Robyn

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With Sister Wives star Janelle Brown trying to figure out her living situation, she hasn’t got any support, neither financially nor emotionally, from Kody Brown. Adding to her frustration, he now wishes for Janelle to be like his trophy wife, Robyn. Has Kody driven Janelle to a point of frustration? Why does he want Janelle to be a Robyn clone? Keep reading to find out the details!

Is Robyn The Reason For Problems Between Janelle & Kody?

The Brown family patriarch was on the receiving end of fans’ wrath after he told Janelle their marriage would function better if she was more like his fourth wife. In the latest Sister Wives episode, Kody essentially confirmed Janelle’s suspicions that most of their marriage troubles stem from Robyn. Fans feel ever since Robyn entered the family, she has pushed the narrative of being the scapegoat in the Brown family.

Janelle Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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However, Janelle doesn’t feel she is the victim in this situation. She even claims that Robyn is no saint that Kody dubs her to be. More so, he even asked Janelle to apologize to Robyn for mistreating her throughout their marriage.

Does Kody Want Janelle Brown To Clone Robyn?

Although he didn’t mention Robyn’s name, it was evident that he was talking about her. In her confessional, Janelle also mentioned that Kody blatantly said what she has suspected for a long time. He dubbed Robyn as an individual who is loyal to him and treats him like the head of the household and he expects the same from Janelle.

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans shared their view on Kody’s absurd demand. One wrote, “Wow. So he abandons her, leaves her to fuck off alone, and then complains that she’s been ‘living like a single woman.’ That’s an amazing one-two punch of gaslighting beyond what we’ve ever seen on reality tv.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“Wow! So he takes her money but says they are not like a couple. I don’t know how Janelle can forgive this,” added another.

A third added, “Yes these are my exact thoughts. Janelle has had to take care of herself and now Kody realizes how unnecessary he is. He was a big man with 4 wives. 3 of them can’t stand him now and have no use for him. Same with the kids. Janelle isn’t turning them against him. She’s better than that. They just have no need for him.”

Janelle Brown Has Already Been Robbed By Kody & Robyn

A fourth fan pointed out how bruised and angry Kody was after Christine decided to leave him. They even claimed that Christine brings good money, second to Meri. So, he didn’t want his ATM to leave and take the money with her. Furthermore, he doesn’t really mind Janelle leaving him because he already robbed her of all her money.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Janelle is frustrated with Kody to the point of no return? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday.

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  1. Janelle needs to leave Kody and try to get as much money as she possibly can. If it takes a lawyer, so be it. These women (except Robin) are in this scam of a marriage so deep they can’t see what they (Kody & Robin) are doing to them. He wants Robin only but needs the others’ money. My advice to Janelle and Mary; RUN, RUN RUN! They’ll never win against this narcissistic, Drama King.

  2. Janelle has been abused for so many years she cannot see the forest for the trees. Kody is a self-centered, cruel bully, even trying to bully Truely into giving him the response he wanted to see. He screamed at Janelle about loyalty to him but when was he loyal to her? Poor Meri is beyond help.

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