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Robyn Brown Busted Rocking $200 Sandals

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Robyn Brown likes the finer things. Out on her and Kody’s mall excursions, they frequented Victoria’s Secret. She also came into the plural marriage in steep debt. However, one common theme for Season 17 of Sister Wives has been money. Kody’s second wife Janelle is desperate to build on their land, Coyote Pass. Yet, they cannot do that until it is paid off. So, he is alluding to the idea the family is somewhat hurting for money. However, his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn was recently busted wearing a super pricey item. Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Busted Rocking $200 Sandals

Out of all of Kody’s wives, Robyn is the one who has never worked. Though she used family money for My Sisterwife’s Closet, it became more of a passion project. Meri left to focus on school and the other wives just weren’t invested. More so, Janelle always had a stable job while Christine supported the family as the main homemaker. She did have a nighttime job while she was pregnant with Truely and attended real estate school with Janelle in Vegas. Eventually, the two women joined forces to have a successful MLM.

robyn brown/youtube

As for Meri, she worked on and off until she got involved with an MLM which allowed her to buy her B&B. Yet, Robyn gets whatever she wants but does not lift a finger. Recently, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that the sandals Robyn was wearing seemed to be almost $200. They posted a side-by-side of Robyn in them with the shoes themselves on Reddit. Immediately, Redditors chimed in with how fun it is to buy stuff with other people’s money.

Robyn Brown/Reddit

Then, upon closer look, it seemed these shoes were just less pricey knockoffs. “It took me less than 10 seconds to realize that this isn’t the same shoe,” someone noted. Another added: “Yes! I noticed them immediately the first time I saw this scene and chuckled at her knockoffs.” Many noted that they could be Tory Burch knockoffs, secondhand, or purchased at a discount at a store like T.J. Maxx. They might actually be Jack Rogers.

Living The Lavish Life

It has been a real struggle. While Janelle is attempting to find a short-term rental since the permit on her RV is almost up, she is getting no help from Kody. She wants something she can say is actually hers, that she can leave to her children. Both Christine and Robyn Brown own(ed) their homes. Kody does not have to worry about what Janelle’s RV is like because he goes home to Robyn’s mansion every night which Meri admitted she helped to pay for. Speaking of Meri, she may rent but she owns her B&B so she is secure in that.

Does Robyn really deserve these lavish items when she contributes very little other than unwavering loyalty to Kody? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I still say… all of the kids over 18 years old should stand together and sue kody for child support… leave the mom’s out of lawsuit… let’s see what kody and Robin have to say then ..
    we all know the mothers took care of their children without help from kody …

      1. Do some education on shoes (or clothes in general) and you learn that investing in a more expensive, better made pair of shoes is cheaper than a bunch of cheap shoes that fall apart, hurt your feet so you don’t wear, etc. This is absolutely ridiculous.

        1. If your finances are unstable, even knockoffs are out of reach, unless those knockoffs are from Walmart. Especially when the money spent is the result of someone else’s labor. The whiny, stank-faced sow needs to start contributing to her own support, and the other women need desperately to stop larping as wives. They are not legally obligated to pay to be ignored and insulted.

    1. She has always thought she was better than the other wife’s ! She wants to know what’s going on because where is the money coming from if there are no wife’s to support her lifestyle ! Robyn its time to go to work if you want your lifestyle !

    2. They would be adults at 18. I don’t know anyone who pays child support after 18 unless they are still in high school. Thats a silly idea.

    3. I really just don’t understand why everyone is hard on Robyn! I remember things differently for example I know for a fact Christine never gave Robin a chance because Robin was younger and more attractive than her! Jealousy ate her up!!

      1. What planet are you from? RB is a back stabbing phony person…do you need a picture drawn out for you? Not only are you blind but you’re dilusional if you can’t understand why people are so hard on RB!!

  2. Robyn seriously is the most snobbiest person what makes her think she is better than anyone else and Kody that’s whole another failing man with using everyone else’s $ (excluding Robin) devil’s advocate on both of them . Her daughters are following her footsteps

    1. The only reason he keeps his other wives is for their money. He has no actual love for them other than what they can provide him with. I agree with keeping families together; but when it starts affecting the children it is time to step back & think of them. He is using all of you. I have been there & recognize the signs.
      Think about what it’s doing to your kids and yourself also. Is it really worth it? I don’t think so!

    2. Had a nanny, during covid, because Christine was there to take care of them!!!!?🤮
      she had to get nails done, shoe shopping,etc….. And she is the one who get”s to fuck Cody!! How much fun could that be!!! YEAH!!!
      THE two of them, C and R are despicable, Amy is getting close by not saying what she needs to say! I thought she was making strides when she went on the single’s cruise!!

      1. So true! Kody us so self absorbed he thinks HE’S the one who sacrificed everything… BAHAHAHA! It’s the women who have sacrificed over the years. The (3 first) wives raised the children. I truly think he only married these women because they were available. It seems like he didn’t factor love into any of these marriages and then finally realized what love was when he married Robin. Now he puts up a fight over Christine but never fought or tries to reconcile with Meri. He wants loyalty from the wives and children which is not love… if you want loyalty get a dog, but a dog still bites when treated poorly or with disdain. If Kody is worried about what is being said to his children then he needs to pick up the phone and call them himself.

  3. okay Robin needs to get rid of her resting stank face she always looks like she’s on the verge of tears her voice goes through my brain I cannot stand her until she came into the picture everything was fine now you know Cody only wants Robin let him have her they are so alike narcissistic morons

    1. Robyn is the she devil that Meri brought into the family. She was in extreme debt and had no help from her babies daddy. Meri & Cody saved her and thie way she pays them back is by stealing affection, time and money! A real piece of work!

        1. they don’t need daycare they have a nanny, Meri and Janelle need to just leave and stop paying all their bills, for the mansion, the land, and filling the bank accounts. Robyn thinks she deserves a high maintenance lifestyle and she deserves NOTHING but to get off her lazy butt along with her lazy husband and get a job and earn an honest living, and stop sponging off everyone else including those two underage children. And if Krody thinks it was fine to kick out his oldest boys and make them stand on their own two feet well Robyn has 2 girls at home that grown. I ask myself if that’s what happened to Robyn’s oldest boy. Because one day he is there then the next he’s just gone.

      1. And she acts like she is superior. Her obedience starts in the bedroom. A real piece of work. And Kody, is losing it. Jenelle, should of thrown her drink at him. Speak to me that way, I think not.

        1. 🙂… yup, what did Kody tell Janelle… that she must treat him an bow down to him as the leader he is 🤮. He only wants 1 wife now; times have changed and they have grown apart…

      1. I think kody and Robyn are suck and disgusting. they moved to Flagstaff for Robyn’s son to attend college. he still lives at home, why? kody wanted Janelle to kick out her 2 grown boys, so what makes Robyn’s son so special. and to need a nanny!! why because u r to lazy to take care of ur own kids. Robyn is water fountain she can turn on the water works for anything and she does. Janelle needs to leave kody. kody and Robyn are blood suckers. kody treats the kids that are not biologically his like queens and kings. he brags about having 18 kids, but he sure as hell don’t treat his kids all the same. and to not attend ur daughter’s back surgery!!!! come on dude. then u wonder why ur own biological kids want nothing to do w u. no way in hell would I allow my kids to apologize to the water fountain Robyn. kody and Robyn need to apologize to the family for using and abusing them. Robyn needs to go get a job and support her own kids. meri is just stupid for sticking around. kody walks all over her and treats her like crap. yet she stays.. he even said he doesn’t consider himself married to her. AMD if she wanted to leave he wouldn’t stand in her way. but yet this trash gave christine such crap when finally had enough of his and Robyn’s crap.

  4. l think it’s about time to everybody just faces the fact that Robyn and Kody should become the monogamous couple they want to be. I think they should sell the house they don’t need that big old honking thing I have seven kids and I managed in a normal size four bedroom house put two kids to a room. it’s not that hard to live a normal life and quit thinking you’re more than you really are. once they sell that monstrosity of a house they could actually pay for the land split it up like they keep talking about Janelle would be able to buy the necessary licenses and things required to build their home she can build it and give the California salute to kody … honestly Janelle can do much much better!

    1. Shes in this ralationship thinks everyone owes her ,How does she buy anything?? Is $$ just handed to her ,no questions asked?🤔😭 I never saw how she helped anyone but herself.So Sad,

  5. How come Kody wanted Jenelle to kick out her 2 sons because they were over 18 but says nothing about Robin’s. over 18 kids9

      1. This whole debacle is Kody and Robin. I’m so sick of Robin, crying, and Cody sticking up for only her. Meridian, Janelle and Christine are the worker bees and Robin is the queen bee Kody is the drone and does all the gathering for his queen as he whips worker bees into line. He’s got a very high opinion of himself, and he definitely is way off base. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and never says the same thing twice except for one thing and that is Robins so wonderful. rest of you are horrible but keep doing what you’re doing and pay our bills for us. He’s so transparent it’s disgusting. He’s the first thing from God I’ve ever seen. I sure do hope Chanel is on her way out. I know she’s too smart for this crap and I hope Meri soon after. I will never forget years ago when Mary wanted another child and he absolutely put his foot down and said there was no way and then he went out and got another wife and other wives pregnant. Let Robin have him 100% of the time they deserve each other. As she said in the last episode, all she wants to do is get their butts out onto the property well saw your big freaking house and get your butts out on the property after you paid back, the other ladies, who contributed to let you live in such luxury.

    1. Um her son is special needs and her daughter has some medical issues. 😆 U all just don’t like Robin her children have NOTHING to do with the kids. Janelle’s sons were disrespectful gave mom covid and put her in the hospital. All because they wanted to run the streets. U are darn Skippy I agree if the kids can’t follow rules pay their own bills elsewhere. On top of Robin’s kids are actually in school unlike the 2 boys giving covid to the family.

  6. I just read an article that said Kodi doles out money to the women….first time I’ve ever heard that!we all know the money comes from the womens various jobs.

    1. Robyn is the trouble maker and she broke this family apart..its all her they all were so jealous of Robyn and Cody I guess MARI was not. but I think she finally seen her true colors. and she is not on board with her yet,,,r

  7. OMG Who didn’t see the breakups coming? Congrats to Christine ~ hope she finds a good man. I think Janelle may be next & who would blame her? As far as Meri, delusional much?! Then there’s Robin acting like she’s so surprised ~ oh please spare us! Then there’s “The Man” ~ what an ass! I wish the kids a good future & best wishes!

    1. If you all ask me she, cries thinking how now she is going to have to spend more time with him with Cristine gone, she only loves herself.

  8. t
    Mrs. Robin got what she wanted. Mary divorced Kody then he adopted her kids which now he has to pay child support on if they get a divorce then had 2 more to secure her place. Now Christine is gone so more time for her and Janelle not sure if she wants to stay. More time for Robin and then there is Mary who Kody doesn’t want an relationship with. So more time for Robin. So really he’s just got 1 wife. And she has to have the best of everything. My answer for her. GO TO WORK and earn your own money.

  9. i proud of you for leaving Cody he is a big baby and he cry’s to much you can do alot better then him it is time for you to live your life to the fullest I know you need to live your life to the fullest and meet a man that will love you and only you god bless you and your family and keep on moving

  10. Robin is a kept women. Not by a man but by 3 ither women now 2 Robin has never worked. Janelle and Savannah has no home no money because it was given to Robin. all Robin kids live at home and the last scene from kids getting home from school there are 4 cars an the one Ribi6n pulled up in. Who paid for them. the truck that was bought fir the R.V should be Janelle but no Kody says. He is nothing a piggy bank for ribin6abd ger kids. the rest of the kids don’t exist. Hey Kody Our Hevenly father see all

  11. meri stupid. Cody has made it clear that he doesn’t want her and she still hanging around. she need to leave too. her and Jenelle. he is so upset with Christine. he is losing his magic touch. The women are waking up. And Robyn need to get up and find a job

  12. Mary you have no value outside kody and you are pinning away for someone who will never want you and he keeps telling you that. Christine has value and much more self worth in her little finger then you will ever have. Janell will be next to leave the you can take care of Ribin and kidy6

  13. Super pricey? $200 is super pricey? OMG lol. I do believe these ppl can afford a pair of $200 shoes. I think “busted” is what you would say if she was trying to hide her outrageous purchase of a yacht. Stop overblowing nothing!

    1. yeah, I saw those Tory Burch sandals. Your right she needs to get up off her ass and get a job. I don’t know how she can sit and portray such a religious person yet none of them go to church. Kody is the pimp and has his women to work and name his money for him

  14. I’ve been watching this show since the first episode. I very always wondered why is he not working, and why would these seemingly intelligent women have so many children with him. He keeps saying he theman of the house and they need to be loyal to him. But hes nothing but a whiny little selfish brat who only cares about himself. How could you forget your son birthday? Hes a prick, and have always been since the series started. Hes not a man. HES A PUSSY!

    1. I can’t believe anyone still watches this show. When Robin came in the family I stopped watching. stop watching and this disgusting show would disappear.

  15. Kody is really aggravated because Christine dumped him. He never mentions he told her he wouldn’t be intimate with her any more. In essence, he signaled the marriage was over. Unlike Meri, Christine wasn’t stupid enough to hang around waiting for Kody to drop a few crumbs. That’s what’s really burning Kody’s butt. Christine got the drop on him. She’s a lot smarter and a lot classier than he is. Best wishes Christine! And she’s providing a great role model for Janelle who will be next – leaving Kody and Robin in the dust who are nothing but PWT and I hope TLC drops them.

  16. kody is such a whiney loser. why would any woman stay in a relationship when she is not loved. he tries to turn it around against him. he doesn’t care about Christine Janelle and meri but he doesn’t like the embarrassment with them expressing themselves. it is so obvious Robin the other whiner is number one in his mind. he needs to get off TV and make a living the hard way not exposing so many people to his mess

  17. Robyn makes me sick. She is a really lousy actress. Her crocodile tears are such a joke. She must have a nanny, yet she has 3 kids who are legally adults and living at home doing nothing. Like they cannot help take care of the 2 minor children? Oh hell no. They must live like the royalty they think they are. King Kody and Queen Robyn are disgusting. They blame Christine and Janelle for everything. Idiot meri stands by with a blank look on her face but her face says it all…maybe I will end up with Kody after all! All I hope for is that Janelle hits the road also and that financially Kody and Robyn lose it all and are in debt for the rest of their sorry lives. Come on TLC, unload this mess of a so called family once and for all. They make me sick. A so called man with 18 kids and of the 18 he has a relationship with 5, three who are his by adoption. He has 3 so called spiritual wives who raised his kids, took his abuse and his ridiculous financial crap putting them in debt constantly. Yet it isn’t Kody’s fault. it is the women. Dump that ass and his lousy wife Robyn.

  18. Things seem to change when Kody was courting Robyn. He basically ignored Christine who was pregnant with Truly. He ignored Christine since. How can any woman be happy with the way Kody treats all of them, but Robyn. I don’t think Robyn is evil, I do think Kody has changed since he married her. I’m happy for Christine and I hope she is happy in Utah. I hope she enjoys her family and will find some one to love her and treat her well.

  19. Two things I can say is, if I didn’t know how a narcissist works before Sister Wives I sure know now. Thanks Kody, I wish you great financial loss, you earned it!

  20. Robyn needs to learn the reality of life and get over herself. If Kody were suddenly be incapacitated or die, Robyn wouldn’t even know what to do. Get a job Robyn, learn to be a responsible adult and take care of your house instead of thinking that you are privileged and don’t need to do anything. Also think about what kind of example you are setting for your children. Good luck in your life with Kody. I’m glad that Christine got away from him and wish the other two would also.

  21. TLC needs to drop Kody, Mary, and Robyn! They are worthless human beings that enjoy making other people miserable. Christine and Janelle need to have their show: ” How they survived plural marriage and came victorious “.

  22. You guys do realize that Robyn does get paid for her portion of participation in the show right? She does help make money for the family there.

  23. Let’s think about how Kody treats Meri and how Meri has treated Janelle over the years. They have no reason to complain against Janelle or Christine. Robyn has caused problems since the day she came into the family and needs to STOP bawling and playing the VICTIM. CHRISTINE should be PROUD of herself and Janelle needs to get out because she deserves so much better.

  24. That’s ridiculous! It’s not as much about Robyn as it is about Kodys better treatment of Robyn over the other wives. Kody has basically lost his marbles when it comes to Robyn.

  25. They look Horrible on her feet , and Sobby Robby and Cody are nothing but ‘Users’ . I hope Janelle gets far away from all that mess and let them figure out theor own finances without Janelles money … Run Janelle RUN !!

  26. Omg you all know a lot about these fools. I save myself the agony of watching this show by not wasting my time on it.

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