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Real Robyn Brown Caught In Public, Nothing Like Show Persona?

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Robyn Brown of Sister Wives is all smiles as she enjoys having her husband Kody all to herself. Turns out, Kody and Robyn were spotted walking together in Scottsdale, Arizona recently. The photo appeared to be snapped by a fan from a parking lot. These candid shots of Kody and Robyn Brown are something fans really love as they get to see the real personality of these TLC stars when the cameras aren’t rolling. 

Eagle-eyed fans were pretty quick to call attention to Robyn Brown beaming from ear to ear as she fully enjoyed having Kody all to herself. This being a far cry from the Robyn fans see on the show who cries and insists she wants sister wives and the polygamist experience.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Robyn Brown all smiles, has Kody to herself

A few photos of Robyn and Kody Brown in a parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona are making rounds on social media. While they are pretty simple photos of the couple walking beside each other in a parking lot, fans have a lot of opinions on these photos. For starters, fans noted that Robyn was all smiles. This is very different from the Robyn who is always one second away from crying with a pained look on her face on the show. 

Next, fans noticed there were no children. Kody and Robyn are spotted together in public all of the time. Fans, however, never see their children with them. Fans were pretty quick to troll Kody who normally makes a huge deal out of not being able to be away from Sol and Ari.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown Facebook

Some fans also pointed out the photo pretty much confirmed Robyn was still dumping her children on her nanny while she did whatever she wanted. In their defense, the photo could have been snapped while Sol and Ari were in school. Like many parents, Robyn and Kody could have just been running errands while the kids were in school.

Robyn Brown/YouTube

Does it surprise you to see Robyn Brown actually enjoys having Kody Brown all to herself? Do you think her claim to want sister wives is just a lie for the cameras? Does Kody Brown spend time with Meri or Janelle when the cameras aren’t rolling? Let us know your answers in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Robin makes me sick with her whining and crying. She is such a phony. Hope Christine and Janelle do a spin off. That would be the end of Kody and Robin. Two users.

    1. Ok Christine or her children calm down. You’ve won everyone hates Robin… took you years and some Bots
      from you “Friends” but really relax enjoy your vacation …. unless you have a new enemy, you want us to hate.,
      let me know everyone loves a winner…or not

  2. Robyn is a disgusting twit. She and Kody deserve each other. Meri needs to go run her bed and breakfast. Get out of that mess. Kody has made it clear he doesn’t want her. She needs to keep her self respect and be gone. Janelle is great. I too could handle a spin-off with Janelle and Christine.

    On a petty note, whoever does Meri’s hair and makeup need to be fired. If she does her own, hire someone. Same could be said for Robyn’s eyebrows. It’s difficult to pick whose is worse.

  3. Ok, she should be crying 24/7 and she should never change her hair in 12. And God forbid she looks happy?
    really people you are so stretching your dislike. These people are like you human beings not Angels and neither are you who post these judgmental comments… Oh, i forgot none of you have a bad day, have a bad hair day, make mistakes with those you love… are walking down the street happy …. If you are sad one day, it last 12 months…

  4. loving the thought of those 3 doing their own show!!!! Janelle had always had a full time job putting more money into the “””the family pot””” than anyone and that stinking piece of a boy said there is NO MONEY!!! 🐂 🐂*#@*$”!!!! SHES THE 1ST ONE WHO DESERVES A HOME!!!!!!!!! BUT I BET HIS FAVORITE WIFEY WILL GET THE 1ST HOUSE!!! HOW FUNNY THEY ALL GIT COVID AND SHE GOT IT THE WORSE!!! KARMA MY NON FRIEND…….KARMA

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