HBO Max’s ‘The Batman’ Penguin Spinoff Gets Apt Working Title

HBO Max’s upcoming The Batman Penguin spinoff series is now all set with an apt working title. Set in the same universe as the 2022 American superhero movie The Batman, the spinoff’s principal photography will soon start. In the DC universe, Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin is a ruthless lieutenant who seeks to rise up in Gotham’s criminal underworld to become the ultimate crime boss. And the spinoff title hooks on the criminal’s motive. What is this Penguin series’ working title? Keep reading to find out the details!

When Will Filming For The Batman Spinoff Commence?

As per an insider, The Illuminerdi, the new moniker perfectly fits the show’s lead character and his ambitions. The working title, Boss, is assigned keeping in mind that he wishes to take control of Gotham City via the underworld. The insider also claimed that filming for the upcoming series will commence in January 2023. The filming will continue until August 2023. With NYC set as the primary shoot location, it is possible that the series will premiere sometime in early 2024.

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As of now, neither HBO Max nor Warner Bros have publicly commented on the report. That being said, the new title also works perfectly with the latest casting news. As per, Cristin Milioti was roped in to play Sofia Falcone in October 2021. Further reports suggest that the show apparently revolves around a gang war between her and Cobblepot for leadership of Gotham’s various illicit enterprises.

Penguin Spinoff Will Focus On Cobblepot’s Backstory

The makers are also auditioning multiple actors to portray several prominent members of the Falcone crime family. This includes Alberto Falcone, Milos Grapa, and Johnny Viti. Alberto will supposedly play the Falcone family boss in the spinoff as his father Carmine (John Turturro) who was skilled in The Batman.

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The Penguin Boss series will also expand on Cobblepot’s backstory by dedicating a minimum of six to eight hours. If speculations are to be believed, the HBO Max series will dive into the Penguin’s family history. Francis Cobblepot, the would-be crime boss’ mother will also play a key role in the storytelling. As per reports, the series is currently looking for a suitable actor to fill in for the role of Francis Cobblepot. However, HBO Max and Warner Bros. are yet to confirm that character’s possible appearance in the show.

The Batman Spinoff Sets Stage For Gotham City’s Future

Apart from exploring the protagonist’s past in the series, the spinoff series is confirmed to set the stage for the future of Gotham City. Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s Head Of Originals explained, “Penguin will sit immediately after the end of The Batman and temporally before the events of the second movie. The show will come out in between the two movies.”

Penguin The Batman YouTube

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As of now, The Penguin spinoff Boss doesn’t have an official release date yet. Are you excited about the spinoff series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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