Will HBO Max’s ‘Pennyworth’ Be Renewed For Season 4?

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HBO Max’s crime drama series Pennyworth wrapped up Season 3 on November 24. Now fans wonder if it will be renewed for a fourth. The series trails the origin story of Batman’s butler with Season 3 showcasing the latest chapter in Alfred Pennyworth’s story. The third season premiered on October 6 with three episodes followed by one episode every week. With an explosive finale, Season 4 might be an even bigger story, if it gets renewed by the network. Keep reading to find out the details of Pennyworth’s renewal status!

Pennyworth Season 3 Finale Features A Big Bombing

In the finale episode, two-story threads from the penultimate episode came together. After rescuing Bet and Lucius from Level-7, Alfred and Martha left General Thursday who is trapped inside until someone can let them in from the outside. On the other hand, London’s milk supply is spiked with Lullaby ensuring that most of the city is under its influence, including Prime Minister Aziz.

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With an under-influence Aziz and Thursday being angry about the Level-7 situation, a series of phone calls happen between the men. This ultimately results in Thursday making the decision to bomb 10 Downing Street. As the episode approaches its end, most of the major characters from the series have escaped the city. However, they do witness the blast from afar.

Prime Minister Aziz Was The Target Of The Blast

As per ComicBook, the showrunner Bruno Heller revealed that the Season 3 finale blast is open to interpretation. Moreover, it opens the door for different types of shenanigans if Pennyworth is renewed for Season 4.

He said, “It definitely is the Prime Minister who’s got him, or rather, he was the target and not the entire city of London. There’s enough of the city left to rebuild in Season 4. And, as you know, nuclear bombs at least in the comic books lead to all sorts of shenanigans. Strange developments.”

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Heller further explained where the fourth season could go after the blast. “It would have to be slightly more bonkers. We’ve got to keep up that arc. It’s leading to a world in which people like Batman and the Joker exist so it was always the intention to kind of keep upping the ante on the craziness of this world as long as it keeps a ground in real life, which is where Jack Bannon and Alfred come in because he’s such a regular person, the world will get stranger and crazier as it goes on,” he added.

Will Pennyworth Be Renewed For Season 4?

As of now, the show hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season. Moreover, it’s too early to tell if it will be renewed. At the time of writing this article, the series has a 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, it currently enjoys an average of 4.3 out of 5 ratings.

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Do you think Pennyworth should be renewed for a fourth season? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


        1. Quite so. And once they’re done with Alfred’s story – which for me, logically concludes with the murder of the Waynes and Alfred stepping in to the role of surrogate parent to Bruce – there’s got to be scope to cover the same period in the DC Universe from all sorts of angles. I’d love to know more about the politics of Britain in the period. In the first series, it was very clear that there were still public executions – televised, and gibbets. The monarch clearly had much more active political power – and there was a hint that either Britain hadn’t outright won the war (had the US stayed out?), or had otherwise reached a deal with the Nazis. There’s a lot to unpick in the history of this alternative timeline. Particularly in the wake of what has just happened, impliedly, at the end of Series 3 ( [SPOILERS]but what was it that went – we saw that plane fly, but was it dropping on Level 7 or Number 10?[/SPOILERS])….


          I’m curious as to what will happen with Sam Wayne. Will she be secretly sent away by her parents and raised not knowing who she is (or kidnapped, with them thinking she is dead, but she’s really not)? Would make sense for Bruce to grown up orphaned and alone – to give him a sibling known to him would be a major change from all versions of the mythology. I think she will be removed from the scene somehow.

          My other prediction…. I think it’s possible that Sandra and Alife will have a son, something will happen Sandra, and the Waynes will adopt Alfie’s son and raise him as theirs, with Alfie standing by as their bulter to be near him/ watch over him. With for whatever reason the wrinkle that Alfred never tells him.

  1. Yes! More please.. I thought there was more episodes than 10. I’m very sad to know there was only 10 episodes. I want to watch one tonight and realized that was it! I’m sad.

  2. Absolutely needs to be a 4th season! I held off as did not think I would like it. Watched Season 1 first episode and I was addicted. Binged Season 1 and 2 in a week and eagerly awaited the 3rd season. Have now finished Season 3 and feel as if there is a hole in my watchlist. Bring on Season 4 please!

  3. Yes, Yes,Yes, best series I’ve watched this year and at age 82, don’t make me wait for Season 4, please.

    1. Of course it should be renewed. It’s one of the most brilliant tv series ever produced. Every scene is beautifully filmed; the script writing is top notch; the “Previously on…” narrative just a stroke of genius; the acting spot-on.
      HBO needs to renew this series for *at least* on more season.

  4. I couldn’t agree with everybody’s comments on here more. The show is fantastic. Let’s hope HBO max does the right thing unlike other streamers.

  5. Yes, please please please bring back Pennyworth at least for 1 more season… You cannot leave us hanging in the dark. So many loose ends to tie up. Everyone knows Bruce Wayne never had a sister so how are you going to fix that? When do Thomas and Martha move to Gotham and bring Lucius Fox to work at Wayne enterprises? How does Alfie become a butler following in his fathers footsteps? What happens to Mary Pennyworth, Alfies mum?
    Pennyworth was the best show on HBO Max, and now that it’s gone I don’t find anything that interesting.
    If HBO doesn’t bring Pennyworth back for a season 4 soon, I’ll cancel HBO and go to another streaming service.

  6. *sigh*

    Someone should pick up and save this show, even though the idiots cancelled it.

    It’s such a quirky, oddball show, it’s too much fun to not get more than 3 seasons.

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