Emilia Clarke To Play A Skrull Agent In MCU’s ‘Secret Invasion’?

Fresh details on Emilia Clarke’s role in the MCU series Secret Invasion have surfaced recently. This also includes facts about her possible connection to Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos. The Game Of Thrones alum was cast in the upcoming limited series in April 2021. However, to date, the identity of her character in the series has been kept a tightly guarded secret. Here are some more details that will shine some light on her possible character!

Emilia Clarke Might Take Up The Role Of A Skrull Agent

On Monday, a reputable MCU scooper Daniel Richtman revealed some details of Emilia’s character in Secret Invasion. As per the tweet, Clarke is cast in the role of a Skrull agent named G’iah. Richtman also claims that Clarke’s character will adopt the alias Nell while disguised as a human. He also revealed that she is the daughter of Talos. However, neither Disney+ nor Marvel Studios have publicly addressed these reports.

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As per CBR.com, this isn’t Richtman’s first claim linking Clarke to G’iah. The character first appeared in 2019’s Meet The Skrulls #1 by Nico Henrichon and Robbie Thompson. In August 2022, Richtman claimed that Clarke will be portraying G’iah. However, he didn’t mention whether the MCU character was in any way related to Talos.

At the time, Richtman also didn’t mention G’iah’s use of Nell as the cover identity in the upcoming Marvel series. This is at odds with her Gloria Warner alter-ego in the comics. It is also worth noting that the insider’s continued insistence that Clarke will be playing G’iah clashes with other evidence that indicates that she’ll be reprising Abigail Brand’s character.

Colman’s Secret Invasion Role Is Related To Captain America

Similarly, the debate surrounding Olivia Colman’s character in Secret Invasion was settled in September 2022. Her character in the show was seemingly revealed by an official still from the Disney+ series uploaded to the press portal of Walt Disney Studios. The official still from Disney+ featured a caption referring to Colman as Special Agent Sonya Falsworth. Although the character’s name wasn’t revealed in the still, it strongly hinted that she’s related to Captain America: The First Avenger’s James Montgomery Falsworth.

In the comics, two generations of Falsworths adopted the Union Jack superhero mantle. However, there is currently no indication that Colman will take up the role of a superhero in the Secret Invasion series.

Martin Defines Secret Invasion As A Unique MCU Project

Clarke and Colman are among the new faces in the limited series’ cast which is heavily weighted toward MCU veterans as opposed to newcomers. One such familiar face is former CIA agent Everett Kennett Ross played by Martin Freeman. He recently described the Disney+ limited project as something different from the previous MCU projects.

Talking about Secret Invasion, he said, “It feels pretty different to the stuff I’ve seen. It does feel like a little departure. Yeah, it does—in ways that I wouldn’t be able to describe. Again, I’ve not seen it. I’ve not even read all of it.”

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The limited series arrives on Disney+ in Spring 2023. However, no official date has been declared as of now.

Do you think Emilia Clarke’s role in Secret Invasion would be of a Skrull agent? Plus, are you excited about what’s to come? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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