‘Secret Invasion’: What We Know About Emilia Clarke’s MCU Debut

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Nick Davis

Emilia Clarke of Game Of Thrones fame is finally making her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike many other Marvel projects, her Disney+ series isn’t a headlining superhero. She’ll make her MCU entrance in Secret Invasion. But what is Secret Invasion and what role will Emilia Clarke play in the mysterious show? At San Diego Comic-Con, attendees got a first look at the upcoming series, as well as a release date. Here’s everything we know so far about Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke In Secret Invasion

Any Marvel comics fan will immediately be familiar with the name Secret Invasion and will likely tell you about it at length. It’s one of the most popular comic events in the history of Marvel. A crossover that affects the entire universe, and stirs up paranoia as to who’s real and who isn’t. It all has to do with the introduction of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel back in 2019.

The logo for ‘Secret Invasion’ given by Marvel at Comic-Con

Despite Emilia Clarke appearing in the trailer for Secret Invasion that was exclusively shown at Comic-Con, we still don’t know what her exact role is as of right now. The show’s main characters will essentially all either be Nick Fury and his agents or Skrulls. Meaning Emilia Clarke is likely one or the other, but looks can be deceiving. We may not know her true identity until we’ve made significant headway through the series as a result of the nature of Secret Invasion‘s plot. The question every viewer will be asking through the entire run of the show is this: who is and isn’t a Skrull? The answer could even change from scene to scene.

So it’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting projects coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 5. Not many major superheroes are known to appear in the show as of right now other than Don Cheadle’s War Machine. Hopefully, we’ll be getting more details, along with that full trailer from Comic-Con, very soon.

Jon Snow & Daenerys Meet Again?

One of Emilia Clarke’s Game Of Thrones co-stars Kit Harington also made his MCU debut recently. Kit plays Dane Whitman, AKA Black Knight, in the 2021 film Eternals. It’s unknown when Kit will be returning as the Black Knight as the general failure of Eternals to impress or perform well commercially. This makes the future of the Eternals uncertain. Fans are sincerely hoping to see an onscreen meetup between the queen of dragons and the crow as their Marvel counterparts. It would be the first time they’ve been on screen together since the finale of Game Of Thrones in 2019.

Secret Invasion arrives on Disney+ in the spring of 2023. It will be the first Disney+ series of Phase 5.

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