Kody Brown Asks Where Truely’s Smile Is If She’s Really Happy

Kody Brown and Truely Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

As Sister Wives Season 17 continues, fans are watching Kody Brown really implode. Christine has officially left the family and is headed back to Utah with her daughter Truely. However, Kody doesn’t think this is a fair setup at all. He wants joint custody of Truely, despite the fact he’s paid little to no attention to her since the family moved to Flagstaff.

All evidence indicates that Truely is perfectly content to stay with her mother. But Kody seems to think that she doesn’t smile enough. So what’s really going on?

Kody Brown claims he wants custody of his daughter — but why now?

Right off the bat, fans thought it was odd that Kody wanted 50/50 custody of Truely. It seems clear to fans he’s only taking an interest in her now that Christine has left him.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Random thought on why Kody is so adamant in insisting he wants 50/50 custody of [Truely],” one Redditor wrote on the platform. “He has admitted to throwing random crap out about the state owning [Truely] if they don’t have a custody agreement etc. Why he really wants a custody agreement in place and specifically a 50/50 split is to avoid child support.”

In recent episodes, Kody even seemed to allege that Truely isn’t really happy with the current setup. At the end of last week’s episode, he even mentioned that she wasn’t smiling enough. Of course, most fans think this is another of Kody’s delusional allegations. At this point, he seems to be throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick. Fans seem to think he’s just interested in smearing Christine’s name and doesn’t care who he involves in the process.

Is the family patriarch punishing Christine’s kids for her departure?

It’s painfully obvious that Kody Brown is angry with Christine for leaving him. But now, fans think he may be taking his rage and anger out on the kids too.

Christine Brown and Truely Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

During last week’s episode, Mykelti thought it would be a great idea to get everyone together to give Christine a proper send-off. However, that idea quickly backfired. It was clear that no one really wanted to be there, not even Christine. Kody and Robyn were very cold and standoffish during the entire encounter. When he decided he had enough, Kody even stormed out of the party. It’s one thing to be hateful and cold to his ex, but many fans didn’t think it was necessary to behave that way in front of the kids. Mykelti tried so hard to get everyone to act like adults and fans felt Kody completely disrespected her.

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  1. I’m glad Christine’s going. The storyline was getting very old. I don’t care what she does now I hope she’s happy. as far as her daughter not smiling who cares. and as for Cody he’s got to get off his drama attitude. All the sudden he’s
    broken hearted and there’s nothing he can do he reminds me of a spoiled child that’s not getting his toy

  2. Kody is a selfish person I saw truly want to play with her younger sister and brother she was so upset no COVID she just cried back than it wasn’t hit little kid as hard as adult

  3. Kody is only interested in what the wives can do for him . As long as he isn’t inconvenienced. He wants respect but doesn’t give any he is very selfish. I hope that all leave him and have their own show

  4. cody is beyond asinine and is selfish, used these women and he expects ‘Respect’ he’s nothing but a huge ‘JOKE’ and as far as Christine’s daughter ‘Truly’ why is he even concerned about anything ? He’s never showed any kind of interest in any of the other children except for Sobby Robbies children . Cody needs to grow tfu and be a ‘man’ for once in his life ..

  5. I think Cody is a big baby in a man’s body!! He thinks the show is all about him!! The ladies all need to wake up and get a real Man!! You can tell Robin is his favorite of the ladies.

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