‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Punishes Truely For Christine’s Sins?

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Kody Brown admittedly has a lot of rage toward Christine. It has made him lash out at all of his wives, especially Robyn. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, it was time for Kody to say goodbye to Truely, However, fans of the show believed that he was subliminally punishing the then eleven-year-old. Why? Mainly because Kody was misdirecting his anger for Christine at Truely. Read on for more details,

Kody Brown Punishes Truely For Christine’s Sins?

It has been soul-crushing for Kody to have to go through a divorce. Though this marriage with Christine has been failing for years, he is now desperate to keep her around. Yet she has seen the light and it is not shining on Kody. The moment that her Flagstaff home was sold, Christine made the decision to move to Utah within a week. As the day came for Christine and Truely to say goodbye, no one was going to gather. However, Christine’s daughter Mykelti insisted that they have a gathering.

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Kody came with Robyn and her four kids while Janelle and her children have been a constant source of support to Christine. Fans noticed Kody’s behavior, especially toward Truely, when he came to say goodbye and it was not well-received. Viewers took to Reddit to express their frustrations. They felt that Truely was being punished since Kody is so mad at Christine. A perfect example was when his youngest daughter Ari wanted to huge Truely but he said that only he could.

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A Redditor noted how it made no sense as Ari was in school so she was already exposed. Another added: “What really bothered me was when he asked Truly if she was ecxited for the move and she said yes. He asked where her smile is then. So wrong.” That was followed by: “I hate watching Kody try to stick it to Christine but I know she can deal. Watching him try to stick it to his daughter? F’ing asshole!”

The Punishment

Truely should have been able to properly say goodbye to her siblings to keep things somewhat peaceful and normal. However, Kody Brown is so angry with Christine that he would not allow it. His ego is so big that he made it out to be that he would be the only one to really interact with Truly. Then, when he did speak with her, rather than boosting her up, he was downing the move. Kody is visibly mad at Christine for leaving, for tearing the family apart, and for living her truth.

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Instead of attempting to make this transition easier for Truely, as he should have, he is still so bitter. Therefore, he is being the epitome of a sour father. His hurt has been directed at Truely and instead of getting in those final hugs and love, he had one last hug, emotionless and cold. It is not Truely’s fault that Christine did what was best for her but he cannot see that just yet. Kody is lumping Christine and Truely as one and this will end up hurting their relationship in the end.

Do you think Kody Brown is misdirecting his anger toward Christine at Truely? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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