‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Explains Her Bed Rest Requirements

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Raiven Brown has kept Alaskan Bush People fans updated with her pregnancy. Things got a little scary recently after word of an ER visit. Now, doctors put Raiven on bed rest until the baby is born. However, some fans do not know what that means.

After a recent online conversation, Raiven has explained what her bedrest requirements entail as she awaits the birth of her new baby boy.

Raiven Brown explains bedrest requirements

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

Bear Brown posted a photo online wishing his sister Rain a happy birthday. The photo saw Bear, Raiven, River, Ami, Gabe, and Rain all smiling for the camera. However, this confused fans who knew that Raiven was on bed rest. One actually asked why she was out of bed for the picture.

Raiven laughed at the comment. As she told the commenter, she can get out of bed and go eat and so forth. She just can’t walk around a lot. Like Raiven said, being put on bed rest doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed all the time. It means she can’t be physically active. She then said that staying in bed the entire time presents its own dangers to her and the unborn baby.

“If you don’t move around occasionally you are at risk for a blood clot,” she said. She then mentioned she uses a wheelchair at the grocery store and had to skip out on River’s Halloween this year. She said she could go places if it meant sitting down most of the time, and she spent Thanksgiving with the family.

Raiven Brown with family on IG

Raiven’s past pregnancies involved complications

Raiven Brown has not had the easiest time concerning her pregnant life. Raiven and Bear’s first child was River, and his birth was not an easy one. When he was born. Raiven had to have a c-section at 34 weeks. This was because she had an abruption that became life-threatening. She had to deliver him early or risk both their lives. The good news is that he turned out okay and both mother and son are fine today.

Things got scary in 2021 when Raiven suffered a miscarriage with her second baby. This was a sad moment, and fans didn’t know until after the fact. Now, Raiven is pregnant with her third baby, her rainbow child. This will also be a boy, and she is being very careful with her next baby.

“Praying that this baby stays growing and makes it to his due date! So far I am still pregnant and he is still growing,” she told one fan online. “[A premature delivery is] definitely a possibility which is why I’m on bed rest. But we are praying he keeps growing and staying positive.”

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