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Footage Resurfaces Of Robyn Brown Abusing A Pup?

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Robyn Brown has been the only sister wife without a pet. In fact, her two eldest daughters begged her and Kody for a dog. It was the middle of the pandemic and they were dealing with significant milestones. One was turning sixteen while the other was having a pandemic high school graduation. A dog would have meant so much to Aurora and Breanna and been well-deserved. However, they were denied this gift, and fans were completely turned off by Kody’s reluctance. Yet, was it really Kody who hated animals, or is Robyn the true culprit? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Caught Kicking A Pup

All of Robyn’s sister wives have pets of some kind and that is something that has just always been a part of the Brown way of life. Yet, Robyn never has. Now, recently resurfaced footage courtesy of a Reddit user shows Robyn actually kicking a dog while with her kids and then going about her business. It was slowed down for the full effect but that just made it far worse. This was shocking for many reasons, mainly because many fans have long had a disdain for Kody’s fourth wife. Now, this is a legitimate reason to really not like her.

Robyn Brown/YouTube

Fans immediately took to the thread to share their feelings about her behavior, which was completely atrocious. “She’s a horrible ****. Can someone report her to animal protection services?” one person asked. Another added: “This b#[email protected] is way too jumpy about her kids. I could understand if it was a random stray and you block the dog with your leg but this is a kick and that is a family dog. I’d love to kick this b#$#h square in her chest.”

Robyn Brown/YouTube

“Just when I thought I couldn’t hate her more. I forgot about this,” a Redditor noted. So, apparently, this is not something new and has been out there for some time. However, the footage must have been locked away and is just now coming back into the light. More so, it is not a good light, whatsoever.

Can She Redeem Herself?

All throughout Season 17, Robyn Brown has made Christine’s leaving solely about her and her feelings. How will Robyn’s younger children manage in a broken home? They will not experience a true plural family like her three eldest. She also does not believe that Christine and Kody are truly divorced but has noted the family must rebuild. Along with Kody’s first wife, Meri, the two were gossiping about Christine’s exit and how it was hurting the family. Their vicious ways had fans hating them even more. It seems that Robyn is just going to continue to make herself unlikable. Now, this latest video is the nail in the coffin.

How do you feel about Robyn after this incident? Do you need more context or does this further justify your dislike for her? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. The one I can’t really stand is Cody. What a useless abusive feminine guy he is. He has made the wife’s work and I’m sure partly support him thinks he needs to be treated like royalty but doesn’t even perform his husband’s duties except with Robin. They should all discard him like an old shoe !

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