‘Sister Wives’ Why Robyn & Meri Brown Deemed Selfish B*tches

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Sister Wives stars Meri and Robyn came off really poorly in the latest episode. They spent a few segments just badmouthing Christine over leaving Kody. Not just that she was leaving him but that she was leaving the family and her sister wives. By Christine’s account, the only wife who actually called to get her side was Janelle.

Robyn nor Meri cared to call and ask so she feels if they really wanted to know how she was feeling, they would have done so. Therefore, everything they know about the breakdown of the marriage is one-sided. Now, fans are calling them out on their poor behavior with some choice words. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Stars Deemed Selfish B*tches

In the latest episode, Meri and Robyn were discussing all that happened been going on in their family. It has been rough with Christine leaving as it has caused Kody to lash out at Robyn. She admitted that he does not trust her and is questioning all that he thought he knew about her. More so, Robyn just wants to keep the family intact and will do whatever it takes. She even noted that she just wants Christine to be happy, whatever that means.

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However, viewers were blown away by the conversation between the two women. It was very catty plus they were not really thinking about what was best for Christine. They kept saying how it was impacting them thus a Reddit thread was started. “This was the most selfish and appalling conversation I have ever heard on this show. These two should be ashamed of themselves,” a Redditor stated. Another was blunt with this: “Yep two hateful b*tches. It seemed very sh*tty mean girls.”

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One compared Robyn to Gossip Girl sharing that Christine had been miserable back in Vegas. They were also confused as to why she supported Meri leaving yet begged her to hold on. It was all very contradictory. Ultimately, fans are also questioning why they are so dedicated to a marriage with a man like Kody. That will remain a mystery.

The Last Ones Standing

In the end, the only one out of the Sister Wives who stuck around is Robyn. Christine is off thriving in Utah while Janelle is still married to Kody. However, she lives her best life traveling to see her daughter Maddie in North Carolina. She also works closely with Maddie and Christine on Plexus which offers them many travel opportunities. Plus, Janelle and Christine are not only tight in business but they have remained very close in their personal lives.

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As for Meri, she is so busy with her Utah B&B and her LuLaRoe family, she is always on the go. Therefore, the only one who is a constant with Kody is Robyn. Maybe it is by default or by choice but this is what she has gotten.

Do you think it was right of Meri and Robyn to have gossiped like that? Did they seem like catty women? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. kody, should leave and quit doging these women. These women have a chance at finding deserving men to marry the correct way. The religious part doesn’t mean anything any more. Ladies take your children to church and grands to church. You will see a difference in your life. The Lord knows your heart. One man one wife. All of the women deserves better than a man on the brink of going off the deep in. He needs serious help.

    1. I’ve watched this show from the beginning, I’ve followed and supported these families, I disagree with their religious beliefs, but if it worked for them, that’s fine with me. Things have certainly changed over the years, Kody has turned into a selfish narcissist who I can barely even look at! Meri is such a coward, she hangs onto a man who has no desire to even touch her, Janelle does everything alone, she doesn’t need Kody for anything!! The only women who is getting everything, EVERY benefit, financial, emotional and physical is Robin, it’s really a pathetic thing to watch! Meri has turned into a bitter, mean and caddy women, who sits alone in her house and blames everyone but Kody for her situation! wake up Meri, get a life. You distain Christine, you say it’s because she’s ruined the family, but I think it’s because she’s everything you wish you could be! Janelle is on her way out, let Kody have what he’s always wanted, Robin all to himself!! what a mess!!

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