’Sister Wives’: What Secrets Did Robyn Brown Hide From Kody?

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Robyn Brown is, by all accounts, Kody’s favorite wife. He mainly lives at her home and is with her the majority of the time. However, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, their marriage is unstable. Since he is going through a divorce with Christine, it is impacting his other relationships. Robyn openly admitted that he is not easy to be around right now and that they are struggling more than ever. Plus, she revealed that he has been questioning her and does not trust anyone. This made fans start to wonder what secrets Robyn may be hiding. Read on for more details.

What Secrets Is Robyn Brown Hiding From Kody?

With Christine choosing to leave the family, Kody is in a bad place. He does not trust anyone and is a hot mess. While speaking with her sister wife, Meri, Robyn was talking about the fracture in the family. She then proceeded to say that Kody has been questioning everything about her that he thought he knew. Fans immediately took to Reddit to ask what Kody may not have known. What are these secrets that Robyn has been hiding from Kody all of these years?

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“Robyn said Kody doesn’t trust anyone right now and is questioning her left and right about “things I thought he knew about me.” What do you think those things are?” the thread started. “Maybe he realized the wife who’s most materialistic and not great with money (at least in the past) is the one he’s legally tied to. She could “come after his money” in a way Christine couldn’t,” a Redditor immediately responded. Another added: “She’s just talking sh** because she has to make herself a victim- can’t have the other “wives” getting all that attention and sympathy.”

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Others believed that since Christine has left, he has no one to verbally abuse. Since Janelle won’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to Meri, the only person to get his lashings is Robyn. There is also a lot of chatter about money since Christine has made this, by some accounts, quite clean. As for Robyn, her first marriage was not so easy and Kody feels that men do get screwed in a divorce based on the ‘manosphere.”

Rebuilding The Family

Despite all of the drama, Robyn Brown did ask Meri to hold on with her. She is hopeful that they can rebuild the family which is severely fractured. From the previews, Kody will go head to head with Janelle as it is clear they have only had a great friendship all of these years. Is this really a family filled with lies that can ever truly be repaired?

Do you think Robyn Brown is hiding secrets? What are they? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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