Maddie Brush Shares What She Secretly Wants To Do

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Maddie Brush is very open about sharing her family’s fun times. She recently showcased their time at her older brother Logan Brown’s wedding. The festivities continued with her family and her two children, Axel and Evie playing with their uncle Garrison. Now, she took to her Instagram story to reveal what she secretly wants to do. What is the expectant mother ready for? Does it involve her husband or unborn baby? Read on for more details.

Maddie Brush Is Secretly Ready For Christmas

Halloween is today. While many people are posting their costumes and what their weekend adventures looked like, Maddie is on to another holiday. In her Instagram story, she shared a black-and-white outline of a woman with her head down. The hair was in a tousled bun and the meme read: “I walk around like everything is OK, but deep down inside I just want to put up my Christmas tree.” Above this, the Sister Wives daughter wrote: “Why is this me?”

Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

For many Christmas lovers, the season officially will begin tomorrow. Keep in mind, the actual holiday is not for 55 days. Plus, Thanksgiving arrives a month prior. However, Maddie does not seem to mind. She is ready and raring to go. It will be interesting to see how soon after tonight her tree actually makes an appearance. More so, it will be fun to see how she celebrates Halloween as she does have two young kids. Axel is five while her daughter, Evie is three and very into her princess phase.

Big Changes Ahead

Maddie Brush will be celebrating these last three big holidays of 2022 in a different way. It will be her last as a mother of two. She and her husband, Caleb revealed that they are expecting a baby girl come February of next year. However, she is not the only Brown child who is expanding their family. Her sister, Mykelti Padron is expecting twin boys. They will join their big sister, Avalon, one and a half. In a recent update, Mykelti shared that the boys could come at literally any time.

Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Though her initial due date was December, she did note that twins could come at any time. Therefore, this is not a big surprise. Plus, she is measuring at 47 weeks so she is more than ready to welcome the boys Earthside. It is about to be an exciting year for the Brown family when it comes to grandchildren. The holidays will be even more exciting despite all of the transitions as seen on the show.

Which holiday are you most amped for? Are you like Maddie Brush and jumping ahead from Halloween? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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