Robyn Is Real Reason NO Dogs Allowed, Not Kody’s Allergies?

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Sister Wives fans have seen Kody Brown deny Robyn’s girls from getting a puppy amidst the pandemic. While he gave multiple reasons for not allowing dogs in his home including his allergies, fans wonder if he is really allergic to dogs. Or, does it have something to do with Robyn? Keep reading to find out the details!

Is Kody Brown Really Allergic To Dogs?

Although in the past Robyn did say that she liked the idea of a perfectly trained dog but wasn’t willing to put in the effort to train it, she really doesn’t like animals. In several episodes, one can see her recoil at the sight of dogs and seem grossed out by them. On the other hand, Kody has always been around pets and even mourned his family dog’s death.

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Talking about whether Kody is reciprocating Robyn’s feelings for dogs, a Reddit user wrote, “Kody says he never wants a dog in his home again because ‘allergies’ and having to get hair off his clothes. Kody grew up in a home with several dogs, mourned the put down of the families dog, Drake, very deeply after they moved to Vegas, showed incredible affection to Leon’s dog when the dog was staying with Meri in Vegas and hasn’t shown that much contempt to Janelle having dogs.”

Robyn Brown Reveals She Isn’t An Animal Person

The OP further talked about how Robyn openly said during a confessional that she isn’t an animal person. So, it is big proof confirming that Robyn is in complete control of Kody’s actions. Although, it is possible that Kody will try to flip things this time around given how his family is falling apart after Christine’s decision.

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Agreeing with the OP another wrote, “This is a prime example of why Robyn can’t ever be trusted by the other wives-SHE IS A SNAKE and Kody is her puppet.”

Is Kody Brown Still In Charge Of The Family?

However, a third user argued that Kody is still in charge stating, “Kody is a full-grown man who was in a polygamist dynamic for however many years before Robyn came into the picture. He is the one making the choice to cater to one wife. He’s the one who was dissatisfied in his relationships and thought bringing in a new wife would “help?” (Sort of like the couple with marriage troubles having a baby to fix it). I don’t think Robyn asks for any more than the other wives, it’s just that Kody humors her and doesn’t regard her with contempt like he does all the others. Love is a choice and he chooses Robyn every day.”

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It is obvious that everyone except Kody and Robyn in the family loves the idea of having dogs. So much so that Janelle even told in her confessional that she would rather have her dogs in her bed than Kody.

Do you think Robyn’s hatred for animals is what drives Kody’s decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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