‘Sister Wives’ Fans Have BIG Questions About Drake The Dog

Sister Wives from TLC

Remember when Meri Brown had a dog named Drake?

The pet didn’t make very frequent appearances on Sister Wives. But plenty of fans remember the heartbreaking episode where Meri and Kody made the decision to put him down due to his old age.

However, during a rewatch, some Sister Wives fans definitely had a few questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Sister Wives fans wish they had seen more of Drake the dog

Losing a beloved pet is never easy. And the Brown family definitely was not ready to let Drake go yet.

Meri and Kody decided to take Drake home to a vet in Utah for an examination. Based on the results, they would choose whether or not to put him down. But the couple knew it wasn’t looking good for the old dog.

They invited all the kids to come to Meri’s house and say goodbye to Drake one last time. Many of the kids, and even some of the parents, were in tears.

But the weird part is that most Sister Wives viewers don’t remember Drake before the episode where the family says goodbye.

“I’ve watched 5 seasons of this show in the last few weeks and I am only seeing their dog when they put him down,” one Redditor said online. “Am I oblivious, or did they literally just NEVER show their dog before?”

“I’ve noticed this with a lot of TLC shows (like Duggars and LPBW) The pets are mentioned once, and then never shown on screen again,” someone else thought. “It’s super weird. My pets are around me all the time. Do they just put them outside when they film?”

Another Redditor brought up the fact that Meri often has dogs in the house in later seasons — they just belong to her child and their partner.

Meri Brown/Instagram

Someone else thought that perhaps Drake had issues with the film crew and it was easier to put him outside during filming. After all, it’s tough to get a good shot with constant barking.

So what do you think about the Drake situation? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

The Brown family has a lot of dog lovers

Sister Wives fans might have their issues with Meri Brown, but most viewers love her relationship with dogs. Leon Brown is Meri’s child who uses they/them pronouns. And Leon and their partner Audrey have several dogs.

In several scenes, fans can see Meri playing with, carrying, and snuggling with the dogs — especially Mosby. Leon and Audrey don’t have any kids, so their dogs are very much like Meri’s grandbabies.

Meri Brown/Instagram

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