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Janelle Brown Would Rather Sleep With Dogs Than Kody

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Janelle Brown admits that if she was ever forced to choose between her dogs and her husband Kody, the decision would be easy: Her dogs. The conversation comes up during tonight’s episode of Sister Wives when Kody, Robyn, Christine, Meri (and a few children) come together to check out Janelle’s new RV. Does Janelle Brown tell Kody she prefers dogs over him? Keep reading for the details.

Janelle Brown would rather sleep with dogs than Kody

While giving a tour of the RV, the topic of the dogs comes up as Janelle and Savanah are asked where they will sleep. Kody is pretty quick to chime in that obviously the dogs would sleep outside as there was no room for them inside the RV. Speaking directly to the camera, Kody Brown admits he doesn’t think dogs should be in the bedroom.

Kody explains he considers the bedroom he shares with his wives to be a sacred place. A place for him to connect and be with his wife in any activities they decide to do. He, however, doesn’t think a dog or really anyone but him and his wife should be in the bedroom.  Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Coming back to reality, Janelle is quick to fire back at Kody noting the dogs would absolutely sleep inside the RV. Speaking to the cameras by herself, Janelle apologizes before pointing out that every three to four days Kody comes around to spend time with her. So, she’s lucky if she gets to see him more than once a week. She certainly isn’t putting her dogs outside to make a man she sees anywhere from three to five times a month happy.

Adding salt to his wounds, Janelle Brown happily points out that her dogs aren’t the only thing that comes before her husband Kody. Janelle reminds everyone that she will also put her children before Kody every single time. As fans recall, this caused issues last season that bled over into this season when Janelle refused to kick out her sons simply because Kody told her to.

Sister Wives fans react to this scene

Now, TLC shared this scene of Janelle picking dogs over her husband on Twitter a few hours ago. Fans were pretty quick to share their thoughts. Some fans joked they couldn’t blame her and would do the same thing. Others, however, admit they were a bit baffled and wondered why she even bothered staying with him at all.

Does it surprise you that Janelle Brown would choose her dogs over Kody? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. Janelle you don’t need him . Leave him and Robin together . You are a very smart ladie and you don’t need him making all the house wife’s bow down to him except Robin . You are smart enough to do any thing you and Christine should get together and run the B&B together you all would have a great time❤️

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