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‘Criminal Minds’ Reboot Now Streaming, Where?

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Criminal Minds is back. However, this isn’t a reboot or a remake of the original series. Criminal Minds: Evolution brings back original cast members to solve some new cases. However, this isn’t on CBS anymore. It is now on a streaming service.

Here is where you can find Criminal Minds’ new season, who all is returning for the new season, and what the case is all about.

Where to stream Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution | YouTube

Because Criminal Minds aired on CBS, the new series will air on CBS’s streaming service. This means anyone who wants to see Criminal Minds: Evolution will see it on Paramount+ streaming. This is not like other streaming shows, though, as Paramount+ will air it like a regular season on CBS.

The premiere episode and the second episode premiered this past week. Every Thursday, a new episode airs for the new series. There will be a mid-season finale on December 15. The show will then take a break for the holidays and kick off the second half of the new season on January 12. There will be a total of 10 episodes in the season.

There is one big difference between Criminal Minds: Evolution and the original series. The original had a case of the week, with a running villain storyline playing in the background. The new series will have one overarching case that the team will work on throughout the season. That makes it a little more like Law & Order: Organized Crime than the procedurals that fans have gotten used to over the years.

What is Criminal Minds: Evolution about?

Criminal Minds: Evolution | YouTube

The new season will have different criminals the team chases, but it is based on an overarching storyline. A group of serial killers is all part of a network that built up over the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has to stop the killers while bringing down the overall organization as a whole.

Criminal Minds: Evolution brings back original cast members Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, A.J. Cook as JJ Jareau, Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, Aisha Tyler as Tara Lewis, Adam Rodriguez as Lule Alvez and Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss.

Not returning is fan favorite Matthew Gray Gubler, who played Dr. Spencer Reid. Also gone from the originals is Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan, who left after Season 13, and Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner, who was fired after Season 12.

Zach Gilford will be one of the main cast members, playing Elias Voit, a recurring unsub throughout the season. Gilford is best known for his role on Friday Night Lights, where he played Matt Saracen.

Are you excited about the return of Criminal Minds? Will you be watching the new season on Paramount+ streaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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