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Kody Brown’s Latest Petty Action Towards Christine Triggers Fans

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As the pandemic took a toll globally, fans got to see the worst side of Sister Wives star Kody Brown. Although he tried his best to enforce his four-page-long COVID rules for his family, the 53-year-old was seen ignoring his own rules every now and then. His intense COVID guidelines even got to a point where he alienated some of his own children. His attempt at alienating his children was especially true for Ysabel at her toughest time. However, at the same time, he was seen conveniently ignoring his protocol while snapping at Christine for not following the social distancing rule. Keep reading to find out what happened!

Kody Brown Was Angry At Christine For Defying His Wishes

After Christine tended to Ysabel after her surgery, all Kody had to do was sign some papers.

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However, apart from being a bad father, he was also seen being extremely rude to Christine while signing Ysabel’s paperwork for the surgery. He took out his frustration directly on Christine who seemed conciliatory during the process.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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The Brown family patriarch was angry because Christine defied his wish of delaying the surgery. Moreover, she prioritized her daughter’s health over his commands.

Fans Call Out Kody Brown For His Hypocrisy

However, Sister Wives fans called out Kody for his hypocrisy in the paper signing scene. They took to Reddit to share their views as the OP shared a video of Christine asking Kody to sign Ysabel’s surgery papers.

They wrote, “He snaps at Christine to maintain her social distance but doesn’t think twice about taking/using the papers and pen straight out of her hands. He even licks his fingers.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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“He’s acting like she threw her arms around him. No, she just got closer than 6 feet apart. Ffs they were married and he’s treating her like a stranger,” wrote another.

A third fan quipped,

“How great would it have been if Christine launched herself at him, flung her limbs around him, and licked his face like a giant lollipop?”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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A fourth talked about how this was another one of Kody’s attempts to regain control and feel powerful while putting down Christine. They wrote, “That wasn’t about social distancing that. That was a cheap power play. I seriously don’t understand how he could treat her like that and still be surprised that she left.”

“So much for the 4-page covid rules! I would think ‘Don’t lick fingers’ would be high on that list, but I guess not,” wrote a fifth fan.

Was COVID An Excuse For Kody To Not See His Family?

Kody was all cranky about maintaining social distancing with his other kids and wives. However, his rules don’t seem to apply to Robyn and his favorite kids. In the latest season, his youngest children, Solomon and Ariella were seen returning back from school, and without masks.

Christine Brown Kody Brown YouTube Sister Wives

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For parents that have been freaking out about COVID for months, it wasn’t mandatory when it came to their favorite kids. Fans feel it was just an excuse for Kody to not see his family. Others believe that he just wanted to stay at Robyn’s house for as long as possible.

Christine Brown Kody Brown YouTube Sister Wives

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Do you think Kody snapping at Christine was just a power play? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to watch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday!

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  1. Personally he Kodi is a jerk and all the wife’s should leave him. He down grades them all the time. He don’t get what he wants he throws temper tantrum. He’s gotten away with it for yrs now is the time to take him down

    1. Might be nice to see a Succession from Sister Wives and leave Kody out of the program. it could be how the women have found their way to “higher” ground and follow how the children of this mess are surviving.

    2. I completely agree. He only followed the rules when convenient to himself. And about Ysebels surgery.. he said he couldn’t be away from his other kids for six weeks…ok I get that, but she was IN SURGERY UNDER ANESTHESIA only one day. He could have spared 2 days for the surgery then quarantined himself for a week at Christine’s when he returned since there was no one there! He’s just a cheap excuse for a husband; and a complete failure as head of anything resembling a “family”. I see Janel leaving soon and God alone knows why Meri has stuck it out. He’s garbage

      1. oh man you said it. And how degrading and insulting last Sun when he said he sacrificed so much to live her. I mean did he have to give up anything to love her. what a pug he is!

        1. To me he,s just draining the money from other wives l,m glad Janelle put her foot down and is taking care of her needs like Janelle said Robin has her big house he can go stay with her , Janelle is wanting to care for her kids and leave something for them .

        2. Please don’t denigrate pugs. They are cute. Kody is not. He is a small minded megalomaniac who couldn’t tell the truth about anything if it smacked him upside the head. He is all about me me me and I . He is totally clueless when it comes to marriage and parenting because he can’t get his head out of his own ass long enough to see anyone else.

  2. Kodi Brown has to be, without a doubt, the biggest narcissistic individual I have ever seen. His holier than thou attitude is hypocritical. I’m not surprised the LDS church ostracized him. what a moron.

    1. He tells Christine he is no longer sexually attracted to her, and then he throws a childish, pathetic fit when she leaves him. Is this jerk so into himself he doesn’t understand why she left?
      I’m so happy for Christine….we haven’t seen the last of her starting her new life.
      So hoping Janelle will follow….
      Kody might even have to get a job…..🤣

    1. He’s an old man that can’t keep up with a “family” he started. Now that most kids are grown they aren’t “fun” anymore so he stays with the young ones and his favorite wife who he won’t outgrow because he’s too old for another. He found a loophole allowing him to have all his girlfriends and justify it. And Mary is just pathetic. She hangs on for the financial benefits. And has Robin wrapped into believing it’s because she loves her and her kids. She is as much a master manipulator as Kody….💯

      1. I read this and have a theory. I lived with a man like Kody.When they find one little thing to use against you to get their way ,you start doubting yourself,thus adding fuel to the man’s fire.When Mary felt so unimportant because of his coldness and lack of love she seeked out the internet guy/girl to feel worthy.Telling everyone about it justgave his highness,more reason to lay the guilt at her feet. Kody always seems to have a motive for everything. He’s trying to be a giant of 4 households and he maneuvers these poor women around to cover up his doubledealing money problems.

      2. At what level is meri’s self esteem at to stay in a relationship with Kreepy Kody who cares less about her and would be glad if she left…I couldn’t imagine being that pathetic.

  3. I think kody browns wife need to leave and get themselves there very own husband and really know what a real marriage is

  4. I can’t stand Kody I call him the
    “I , ME and MY GUY” every time he opens his big mouth it’s all about him.
    Why would they keep him the show is about “Sister Wives”! Not Kody and how hard he works I can’t believe they keep him around .

    1. Yes. the very things he accuses the wives of HE has done. I think he must not own a mirror. Get honest with yourself Kody. What a selfish, self serving pompous, narcissistic man/child you are. Stop with the tantrums. You definitely cannot “read” any of your wives minds, quirks, or whatever you want to call them. You are clueless!

  5. personally I think Kody is just an azzhole that feels he’s entitled to control everyone in his family and those that were not controlled and revealed their real opinions were seen as traitors in his monarchial kingdom. How dare those ungrateful servants!

  6. I also think Kody is a ME ME kind of guy, who does what he sent all the time, but gets mad when the wives have lived and ideas of their own and dont do exactly what he wants all the time as he no longer has any control over any of them, except Robyn anymore. And cant stand it. I hope the other 3 leave him as he doesn’t deserve them

  7. i am so glad she left him. she the smart one. he doesn’t love her like a husband should. he hasnt been with her like a husband should. they are not husband snd wife. he doesnt spend the night with that part of the family since he married the last one. I dont blam Christine at she had her last baby and Cody brings in a new wife.thats all kind of wrong.
    mary also needs to leave him. he has said he doesn’t love her they are not husband and wife. he doesnt live with her at all for over 5 years.
    i wish jannell would leave him too. i dont think he loves her either.
    he only loves robin. he only lives with Robin and only sleeps with Robin. i am tired of hearing him say he only with robin because of covid. he only around her and her kids.
    his kids ,all of his kids need him. he daughter needed him when she be was sick. he didnt care about there to be with her. one if the other kids was sick before covid he was with Truley. he was around for the family when the grandbabies were being born and one of the grand babie is born with special needs.
    the 4 moms all work. all 4 moms bought there own homes cody didnt buy them. Cody doesn’t work. the moms make all the money. look how mad Cody was that christine kept her money from the sale of her home. she gave him her part of Coyote pass. Thats fair for both of them. cody said he wanted the money from selling her home do he could use it to pay off coyote pass. christine is doing it right. i just hope mary leaves and moves to her family home and runs the end. i hope jannell gets smart and leaves too.
    this show used to be really good. but once he married Robin, thats was when Cody changed, his family changed. his older children see it and just glad the kids are on Christine side.
    the show went down hill when they moved to vegas.
    now before every one goes off on me. i dont live in a home with one than one wife or one man. but i know the life style. my great, great, great grand father was Brigham Young. so i do know all about the life style. i understand the life style. the one i know are devoted to each wife and husband.
    cody should have stopped at 3. the marred family members in my family doesnt act the way cody does. i know it hard to live that way. but cody doesnt treat all the wifes the same and he doesn’t treat his kids or grand kids the same.
    i hope the best to Christine, Jannell, mary. hope all there kids and grandkids are happy, well.
    i dont wish anything good to Cody or Robin.
    i am sure after Christine is gone he will get a new wife and then Robin might see how the other wives feel. cody is poison

    1. you are so right. it is time for Janelle and Mary leave also. Kody has all but told Mary to hit the road and Janelle gets very little help from him and he truly doesn’t care what she feels or thinks. prayers they will open their eyes and leave. Let Kody and Robin figure out how to pay their own way

    2. Totally Agree! I refuse to watch anymore! How he treats the other 3 wives is so degrading! I truly wish they will cancel the show! I would watch the show with Mary, Jenelle and Christine! Ex Sister Wives🙂 Let Cody go off with Robin, Take him off TV please!

  8. Kody Brown is an ass and narcissistic, he deserves no woman! You can’t stay in a marriage if he has no feelings for her, Christine needs to be happy too and will be so much better off without him and they all should leave him except Robyn, she deserves him, they are a match made in heaven!

  9. Is it just me, or was kodu the only one who didn’t see a divorce from Christine eminently?
    Also, on another note…. why should Janelle “respect” kody’s opinion on where to live if he is not living there 100% of the time and she is?
    Also, also, Robyn’s kids “listen and res” Kody’s opinion since the have not spent their entire lives hearing his bs excuses.
    Also, also, also how can Robyn question Christine wanting a divorce if she herself is divorce from first husband. And Kody said over and over they they can leave if and whenever they want… but he’s not following that statement with Christine.
    Sorry, this guy really passes me off. Narcissist!

  10. Kody is a self absorbed jerk. Glad Christine left finally and just waiting for Janelle to get away also. Mary however likes the attention to much so she will be the last to leave. Robin and Kody deserve one another because they are both selfish people.

  11. Covid thing is all BS! Whenever he wants to go somewhere or get out of things here comes Covid. What a sissy he is! Everything is about Kody! What those ladies saw in him is beyond me. Get a real man who is a partner girls, while you can!

  12. how much money was paid down on Robyn’s house? how much money was paid down on Coyote Pass? These are relevant issues for Janelle. Janelle’ S work helped support the Brown family especially in Las Vegas. Kody is leaving sister wives high and dry and feels no obligation to them or their children. Kody and Robyn are self-centered and have been since their marriage. wonder what Kody said to Meri in order to get a divorce. then she does what he wants and he leaves her high and dry.

  13. why would kody want Janelle to buy Christine’s house when he said he never wanted to look or even drive by the house again? he is such a jerk

    1. Ive always thought ever sense robin came in pic that Robin is the only one he wants her and her 2 kids he Don’t care nothing about the other one he puts on a show like he dose but u can tell how he acts when he is around his little family and
      when he is around the rest he is a conceded boy all he is and ever will be Mary and Jenelle needs to leave the coward they can do so much better than him then he can have wat he wants robin and her children… He makes me sick

      1. He’s an old man that can’t keep up with a “family” he started. Now that most kids are grown they aren’t “fun” anymore so he stays with the young ones and his favorite wife who he won’t outgrow because he’s too old for another. He found a loophole allowing him to have all his girlfriends and justify it. And Mary is just pathetic. She hangs on for the financial benefits. And has Robin wrapped into believing it’s because she loves her and her kids. She is as much a master manipulator as Kody….💯

  14. Personally, I think Kody is being the way he is so that eventually he only has one wife.
    1. He doesn’t ever see himself being intimate with Meri. Especially after the cat phishing incident. I mean how many times does Meri have to say I’m sorry? Besides the fact that Kody just thought Meri would fade off into the sunset to her Bed and Breakfast business and live? To me it sounds like he’s washed his hands of her.
    2. He continually finds fault with the things that Janelle does to finally get her home built on their land. For goodness sakes how long have they owned that property and still nothings been started? He is just so disrespectful of Janelle.
    3. Don’t blame Christine at all for “divorcing” him and wanting to find her joy. She certainly deserves it.

  15. he and Robin need to be left by themselves, they both would be happier. Robin has been after all his attention since the beginning… and she was new and younger and that is what he wants..the older wives are too old for him now…and he is NOT interested in all those wives and kids anymore. just Robin her kids and the two they had. Let them have each other and let the other 3 wives have a life with someone who would love and respect them.

  16. This is what kody wants he wants new young wives for more offsprings he is old and he thinks by having more kids with younger women will keep him young all his older kids will resent and even hate him so much that none of them will want to be in a plural marriage hes showing the world how stupid he is and Robyn well shes too dumb to be with anyone but her kody no ones a better match for her 2 idiots

  17. Kody is a three year old in a man’s body throwing a giant tantrum. The family is ripping what they have sown. You know you teach people how to treat you. Sleeping has awaken with a tremendous migraine and don’t like the cream in their coffee. Watch out Kody one of those wives is going to for half of your assets.

  18. kody is controlling in EVERYTHING he does..or HE TRIES TO BE…LOL
    Kody and Robyn in family meeting talked of
    “the church” stated several times Christine
    was not “in the Faith any longer”

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