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Kody & Robyn Brown Disrespect Ysabel Again

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A father should love all his children equally but this rule doesn’t apply to Kody Brown. He chooses his favorites and Robyn Brown’s kids matter to him more than others. After COVID, Ariella started kindergarten and the couple was very emotional about it. For Kody, it was a special moment as his eighteenth child was growing up fast. However, Sister Wives fans called out the couple for disrespecting Ysabel Brown. What did they do? Here is everything you need to know!

Ysabel Brown Is Now Recovering After Her Spine Surgery

Ysabel underwent major spine surgery to correct her scoliosis. This condition leads to a sideways curvature of the spine that happens mostly during the growth spurt, right before puberty.  She was diagnosed in 2017 after which she was seen wearing a brace to correct the curvature without surgery.

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However, later on, Christine acknowledged that Ysabel’s pain was too much and she needed immediate surgery to get some relief. After a lengthy 12-hour operation in October 2020, the reality star is now recovering.

Kody Didn’t Attend Ysabel’s Surgery Citing COVID Restrictions

Despite how critical the surgery was, her father, Kody, didn’t attend the procedure in New Jersey. Not just that, he even reasoned his absence stating that he cannot make it due to COVID-19 restrictions. On the other hand, he was fine attending his friend’s wedding to officiate it, even with the pandemic strong. Fans called him out on his hypocrisy acknowledging how heartbroken Ysabel must have been.

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Moreover, fans cannot help but fume at how giddy he and Robyn were at the sight of their younger kids returning from school. Not just that, he revealed that Ariella is the only kid he is proud of.

Was Ysabel Just A Speedbump For Kody Brown?

Calling him out on his hypocrisy, fans took to Reddit as the OP wrote, “Grody and Sobyn emotional about kindergarten drop off but no f**ks given about a major back surgery.”

“As a dad whose kid did both I assure you that I gave more f**ks about my son’s spinal fusion. In fact, I have more fucks about that than his two years of kindergarten and each of his brothers’ first days of kindergarten- and no I’m not over it, KODY!” added another.

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A third explained how Ysabel didn’t matter to Kody as she was the 12th child and also a speed bump on the road to his new wife. Ari is the last of his line. So, he is very depressed about how he won’t be able to manipulate any young minds now that Ari is getting older. For him, this matter more than major surgery.

“He said he’d most proud of Ari…. Wtf. Why would you say that on TV? She isn’t old enough to form an opinion of him yet,” said a fourth enraged fan.

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Do you think Kody and Robyn have disrespected Ysabel yet again? At this point, is his older daughter thriving without him? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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