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The Timing Of Ysabel Brown’s Spine Surgery During The Pandemic

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Sister Wives fans know that Ysabel Brown struggled with a painful condition during her teenage years. During the show, her mother Christine revealed that the girl suffered from scoliosis. And it was rapidly progressing.

Ysabel’s parents enrolled her in physical therapy and did everything in their power to slow the disease’s progress. But soon, it became clear that surgery wasn’t avoidable. The situation definitely came to a head during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when Ysabel’s surgery finally had to happen.

Fans recall how angry Kody Brown was about the surgery’s timing. So did Ysabel really need surgery right at that moment? Keep reading to learn more.

Ysabel Brown needed life-saving spinal surgery during the pandemic

On Instagram, Ysabel Brown seems to be a healthy and happy 19-year-old these days. She frequently goes out with friends and enjoys time with her mother and siblings. By all accounts, it seems that the surgery was successful. So why did the timing bother her father so much?

Ysabel Brown from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

Fans recall how much pain Ysabel Brown was in while her scoliosis worsened. More than once, the teen broke out into tears on the show. If her condition went untreated any longer, it was immediately clear that the damage was going to get worse. Surgery was no longer just an option. She needed it to survive.

However, the timing was what really bothered Kody Brown. Ysabel needed to see a specialized surgeon in New Jersey to treat her condition. The family patriarch wasn’t willing to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and even suggested that Ysabel make the journey alone. Of course, Christine wasn’t willing to let that happen.

In the end, Kody opted to stay behind in Flagstaff while Ysabel, Christine, and a few of the other children made their way to New Jersey for the surgery. Kody seemed to think that the family just wanted a vacation instead of wanting to support Ysabel. Naturally, those allegations drove a pretty big wedge between Kody and Christine.

The Sister Wives star remains heartbroken over her father’s choice

Today, Ysabel is even taller than her mother Christine. The surgery allowed her spine to straighten and even added some inches to her height.

Christine Brown/Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Ysabel’s spine may be much better, but it doesn’t seem like her relationship with Kody ever healed. In subsequent interviews, Christine revealed that Ysabel never understood why Kody couldn’t be there for her surgery. It broke her daughter’s heart and things just never got better.

There were a lot of reasons why Christine opted to leave Kody Brown, but Ysabel’s surgery definitely seemed like a contributing factor.

Stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives news. Fans can catch up with Ysabel, Christine, and the rest of the family when Season 17 premieres on September 11.

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