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‘SW’: Ysabel Brown Gets Weird On Instagram

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Now that Ysabel Brown is legally an adult, she has a lot more freedom over her life. And that includes her social media posts. Kody Brown prefers that his family members live modest, conservative lifestyles. But many of Christine’s children are fun-loving and just a little bit weird. That doesn’t necessarily fit in with the vision their father had in mind for them.

Ysabel Brown recently uploaded an odd hodge-podge of photos and videos recently. It’s clear the young TLC star is happy and enjoying her life to the fullest though. Keep reading to learn more about the interesting post.

Ysabel Brown shows off her quirky side with friends

Now that Ysabel Brown is 19 years old, she dresses how she wants and acts how she wants. In the Instagram post, fans noticed that her outfit was incredibly cute — but probably isn’t something Kody would have let her wear if she was still in his house. But ever since Christine and Kody divorced, Christine’s kids seem more independent and free to make their own choices.

Ysabel Brown from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

Some of the photos in the Instagram post were fairly normal, such as the skirt photo. There’s also another nice photo of Ysabel and Aspyn posing for the camera. But others involving Ysabel’s friends were taken at a very odd angle. However, the teens aren’t doing anything wrong or harmful — they’re just being quirky and fun.

Ysabel Brown from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

If you had a chance to browse through Ysabel’s new photo dump, let everyone know what you think. Her father Kody probably wouldn’t be impressed with her behavior, but Christine probably thinks it’s great that Ysabel is having a great time.

What can Sister Wives fans expect from the new season?

Christine Brown might have packed up her kids and moved back to Utah, but sources say her branch of the family will still be involved with Season 17. However, the extent of her involvement remains unclear. Some fans think that Christine will appear to provide some clarity on the split and get closure with Kody. But fans won’t know for sure until Season 17 officially returns. There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered for the time being.

No matter what happens, plenty of viewers hope that Ysabel Brown and her siblings return. After all, they’re what makes Sister Wives to enjoyable to watch in the first place.

If you want to keep up with the latest Sister Wives news, be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online. You’re not going to find better stories about Ysabel Brown and the rest of the family anywhere else.

Stay tuned for more information about Season 17! It’s currently filming, so there will be a lot of news to share shortly.

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