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Ysabel Brown Remains Heartbroken, Kody Never Fixed It?

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According to Christine Brown, her daughter Ysabel remains heartbroken to this day and it sounds as if her father Kody has done nothing to make the situation better.

Sister Wives fans watched as Ysabel Brown’s heart was broken by her father in the most recent season of the series. It was finally time for Ysabel to have her surgery and what she really wanted was her father. In the moment, she was just a scared girl that wanted the comfort of her father. Blaming COVID, Kody Brown insisted it just wasn’t possible for him to travel to be there to support her during her surgery. Ysabel broke down. She was scared and heartbroken. She wanted her father’s love. And, she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t give it to her.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Ysabel Brown - Instagram
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Ysabel Brown – Instagram

For many Sister Wives fans, this was coined as the worst thing Kody Brown had ever done. Fans everywhere agreed they would never forgive him for making Ysabel cry. According to Christine, this is a hurt that never truly healed for Ysabel. And, it’s something Christine will NEVER forgive Kody for.

Christine Brown confirms Ysabel is still hurting

During a recent interview with People, Christine Brown explained that Ysabel was the reason why she decided to leave Kody. Kody Brown breaking her heart when he decided not to go with her to support her during her surgery was the final straw for Christine. She explained he broke the heart of her baby girl and she just couldn’t let it go.

Christine Brown also confirmed that to this day Ysabel still struggled with the pain her father left in her heart. The TLC mother clarified she understood why COVID was preventing Kody from traveling. She, however, also points out that Ysabel was just a child and she did NOT understand why her father wasn’t there for her. It was at this moment that Christine lost any respect she had left for Kody. And, she realized she couldn’t be with someone she had no respect for.

Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube
YouTube TLC Sister Wives Christine, Ysabel Brown

Ultimately, Christine decided to pack her things and move to Utah. It’s where all of her children were. There was nothing left for her in Flagstaff. So, she made the decision to leave Kody, she worked out the details, and she left.

Fans hope Ysabel Brown will find the strength to heal from the pain her father caused her.

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