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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Rips His Relationship With Janelle

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Kody Brown is struggling in his marriage to Janelle. Since she bought the RV, he has no desire to really come by. He won’t leave his stuff at her place as he deems it too small. Plus, he notes that he has a big home with Robyn so why stay in this tiny, packed mobile home? More than that, Kody dislikes the idea that Janelle has been making decisions without him. She has chosen her last two rentals without his consideration. Then, rather than buy Christine’s home when her rental was sold, she bought the RV which he thinks is a lemon. Now, he is going off on their marriage. Is it beyond repair?

Kody Brown Rips Relationship With Janelle

Admittedly, Kody is in a bad mental place since Christine decided to leave him. Now, he is just taking it out on everyone. The one person he is really struggling with is Janelle. He hates having to constantly go help her with her RV and believes that it was a mistake to buy it. When the two are forced to work on it together, they are “antagonistic.” They do not know how to just make it work for the sake of being comfortable and accepting the challenge. Instead, Kody and Janelle just butt heads the entire time as Kody is attempting to level out the camper so that the sewage tank does not back up.

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He is also scared to go too far with Janelle, making her overly mad as he has seen what happens when one wife gets pushed beyond her limits. Will Janelle be like Christine and leave the marriage? Kody does not believe that he or Janelle is being that honest about how their relationship is going. He goes on to say that she never actually looked for a rental, this was just a costly decision that she made to buy the RV. Janelle, of course, disputes this.

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Now, she has made a decision about leaving the RV once the permit on it is up and he is not happy. However, she will return come Spring. He feels that he has no say in her life which bugs him. Janelle knows that if she waits for Kody to do anything, it might not get done. So, what kind of marriage do they really have? It seems that he does not like her behavior and she just goes about her life like she is single.

It Will Continue Next Week

Next week on Sister Wives, the drama with Kody Brown and Janelle only mounts even more. It seems that the offer on Christine’s home falls through. Therefore, he suggests that they buy it but Janelle has found her own apartment in town. She does not want the same things he wants. Maybe she just wants the home to be sold so that Christine can have the money that she believes is hers. Or possibly Janelle wants to follow her own path. She seems to just want to finally build on Coyote Pass and if they buy another property, that is a roadblock to their dream.

Either way, Kody and Janelle continue to butt heads further proving to Kody that this is not a marriage of compromise. How will it play out? Watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC. 

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    1. Absolutely correct – Cody sits all comfy in the $800,000 house he bought with Robyn and throws stones at all the other wives. I don’t know where their money is coming from when he suggested buying Christine’s house because he’s been behind (more than once) on the property taxes for his house with Robyn. What he’s really mad about is the money lost when Christine walked away. Good for her, you go girl!!!

      1. He is mad because, he had other plans using the money Janelle spent in the 5th wheel. That’s what he is mad about. She out maneuvered him.

  1. He’s only married to Robyn and his favoritism has been evident for a long time. He needs to let all thevothe wives go and stick to the only one he is sharing his life with.

  2. who ever wrote the script for this corny show is crazy. we all know kody is just into Robyn who does not hold kody accountable for his relationship with the other wives. this show has taken a turn for the worse when kody showed more love for Robyn and never fixed his relationship with meri who needs to get out as well and Janelle too. those marriages are done and they’re just getting paid for content and clickbait.

  3. I dont find Robyn innocent in all this she knew what she was doing when she came in had him divorce Marie to adopt her kids really thats where it all started and then turn on christine loke where u in the rooms when they talked dumb ass no so shut up and kody abandonned the other wives the minute she was in . i cant stand either of them its all a big joke and im glad christine left him he is not a man hes a poor excuse of a man a case of desperatikn cant have one wife needed to have plural in case he doesnt get laid one night sick pig . I loved the show when it was good no Robyn in the show it went to shit when she came simple shes the home wrecker. plays all innocent please girl u had an agenda and that was to get a house and a father for ur kids cant keep a man so why not steal one .

  4. All remaining wives need to leave him and leave him with his favorite wife,who will eventually leave him after having more kids.
    What is wrong with these women who share husbands or wives and bringing so many kids,who do not get to know their parents the way they’re suppost to?

  5. I realize this is drama for money and these folks are making lots of it but seriously, when are these women going to get tired of being humiliated and mistreated? Money or no, why do they think so little of themselves to allow this guy to act like this to them?

  6. Cody isn’t a good person. Robyn is a huge part of the problem. All remaining wives need to walk away and seek happiness elsewhere.

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