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Janelle Brown Believes Christine Divorce Was Fair

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Janelle Brown is definitely the closest sister wife to Christine. The two have maintained a close relationship even after the latter left Flagstaff. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle spoke out on her thoughts on the divorce between Kody and Christine. Should she have been able to sell her home and keep what she gets for it? Read on to see what Janelle had to say about it all.

Janelle Brown Believes That Christine Divorce Was Fair

When Christine was deciding what to do with her Flagstaff home, Kody had strong feelings. He felt that she should sell the home and give the proceeds to the family. In return, they would be able to pay off their lot, Coyote Pass. Then, Janelle could start building on it. Currently, she is residing on CP in an RV with her daughter, Savanah. It is not ideal but her rental home was sold and though she could have bought it, she wanted to put the money toward the land.

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Christine had some ideas for her Flagstaff home. She considered renting out some rooms so that her daughter, Gwendlyn could stay there while she finished college. It would also give Christine and her youngest daughter, Truely a place to stay when they came back to visit from Utah. Yet, if she did sell the home, Kody wanted the money from the home. He alleges that he and Robyn gave her the down payment yet Christine says she has made every mortgage payment since. She wants to give the family her CP lot and keep her earnings from the home for the new Utah home.

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As far as Janelle is concerned, she thinks that Christine should keep the money from her home. She notes that they also used family money for Robyn’s home, about the same as Christine’s. Plus, the amount of equity Christine has in Coyote Pass is fairly equal to what she has in her home. So, according to Janelle, who was in real estate, this is pretty fair and clean to her.

In The End…

From the previews, it appears that Christine’s home sold pretty fast with Janelle Brown making the most out of her summer in the RV. The best part of Christine being around Flagstaff was that Janelle was able to come by her sister wife’s house. She would have coffee and use her facilities whenever she needed to. They also got to continue bonding, something the ladies did during the pandemic against Kody’s wishes. The two have remained close since Christine moved to Utah, going on trips and adventures together. It is clear that they have each other’s backs which is amazing to watch.

Do you think Janelle Brown was right about the divorce being fair? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. it is fair that Christine is able to walk away with some thing that can help her establish a home .
    some were else. She has been fair a non controversial in walking through out this difficult time, and has not acted as a victim, which is something that Cody foolishly does not stop doing. “What a fool” he needs to put on his big boy pants and move on, and stop using Covid as a lame excuse for his rules.

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