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Kody Brown Realizes Why He’s A Rage Monkey

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Kody Brown has been angry a lot this season. In fact, he has been angry for a while now. All during the pandemic, he has had anger issues, and now, it is so much worse. No one listens to him, in his opinion. He has wives doing what they want all of the time and children who disobey him. Now that Christine is leaving and she has been taken out of the equation, Kody confesses that he realizes why he is filled with so much rage. What is the exact reason? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Realizes Why He Is A Rage Monkey

All during Christmas 2020, Kody sat and moped, claiming that he had a dark cloud over him. The pandemic did not help him at all and he was struggling with his wives. Admittedly, Meri was not actually in the equation as they have been distant for years. He has an amazing relationship with his fourth wife, Robyn who he lives most of the time. Yet, it was Christine and Janelle who caused him most of the stress during the pandemic. Kody felt that they were reckless for traveling and doing what they wanted.

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He did not like how disobedient Janelle’s sons were, going to work and school when he wanted them at home. Then, things calmed down some but, at the same time, Christine decided their marriage was over. She packed up all of Kody’s stuff and put it in her garage and told him she was leaving him. This became a big issue for Kody and has carried him throughout the whole of Season 17.

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In the latest episode, as Kody was doing regular tasks, he explained that he is full of rage. He is navigating a breakup and it just makes him so angry. No matter what he attempts to do, he cannot shake this rage inside of him. The biggest problem is that he is not actually dealing with it but rather fighting against it. So, it comes out in these horrible ways. This was apparent at Ysabel’s graduation party when Kody sat, sad, and said that he felt so blue amidst the breakup.

He Never Loved Her

It’s amazing that Kody Brown is taking this breakup so hard. That it has consumed him to the point of blinding rage as he never really was in love with Christine. He admitted that he loved her after he saw how she mended their “messy” family, how she was a breath of fresh air. However, Kody openly said that he was not attracted to Christine when they got married and it seemed it was all out of obligation that they stayed together. Now, because she chose to leave him, he is all betwixt and between.

Do you think Kody is using Christine as an excuse for his anger or is he finally realizing what he is losing? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Kody looks like a serial killer in the above photograph. Whats the difference agigalo whos had wives supporthim all his life. He better not think robyn will get a job he better find some new wives. Just so TLC knows I no longer watch sister wives. Its all lies and made up crap!!!

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